Need somebody who can think like a Yahoo Answers moderator?

Need somebody who can think like a Yahoo Answers moderator? Topic: Appeal case search
July 20, 2019 / By Paise
Question: I answered a question here, and it was flagged. I thought the answer was good, and I couldn't see where it was against the community guidelines, so I appealed the flag. However, I ended up losing -- the Yahoo Answer moderator (not sure what they're really called) decided it was a solicitation. However, I can't see it. Do they think I'm soliciting on behalf of Google or Bing? Here's the answer and their decision: "Can you pay monthly vs. yearly or semi-annually? $2000 per year, while it looks like a lot, is probably pretty decent given the situation. Actually -- that's $166 monthly (plus some fees if you actually pay monthly).. that's not bad at all, sorry to say, and I haven't been 18 for a long time... I paid much more than that. You should look into high risk auto insurance providers. I know that around here, they advertise on local TV all the time -- 'insurance for as low as $45' -- while it's virtually impossible to get insurance that low, I was paying less with Titan Insurance than I was quoted for Allstate, Progressive, and State Farm (about $3,000 yearly)... You won't get a rate anywhere near that, but these flat-rate, high risk providers tend to offer lower rates for high risk drivers than mainstream insurers do. To find a high risk insurance provider (broker, preferably) locally, search Google or Bing for 'high risk auto insurance' + state name + city name (or some variations without the quotes). For instance, if you live near Birmingham Alabama, search for 'high risk auto insurance birmingham al' or something like that. Google may be better as they tend to provide local listings alongside the web-based listings. Alternately, get a quote from every single insurance company that you can find. It'll take a lot of work, but if you use an online insurance broker (they help you get quotes from multiple insurance companies simultaneously), it'll save you some time. Good luck." Violation Reason: Solicitation Well, I always have lost my appeals... but on this one, I thought it was a helpful answer, so I tried to fight it. Maybe it's not possible to win an appeal, then? That's quite ridiculous if that's the case. It wasn't just the initial report, it was after my appeal and when the Yahoo Answers staff or their contractors decided this was a solicitation. After the first answer here, I got to thinking about it -- I've appealed a small handful of flags since I started on here, and I've lost each appeal, though this is the only one that I can think of that told me which Community Guideline I violated. It's just aggravating to put in a decent effort to answer a question to have some slow-wit with tenuous grasp on basic word meanings and context to say this as a solicitation. In the grand scheme of things, this isn't a big deal... I just have little tolerance for incompetence... and it irritates me because their reasoning doesn't make any sense. Riki - no offense meant, as you apparently have spent a great deal of time here -- but answers ARE suggestions. People are coming here to seek help -- suggestions -- and if suggestions are solicitations, nearly every single useful answer on this service is in violation of your version of the Community Guidelines. It's absolutely ludicrous to even entertain the thought that a question and answers community prohibits users from giving others suggestions in their terms of service / rules. Riki - I apologize -- in re-reading your answer a few times, I've come to the conclusion that you probably meant you were giving me a suggestion, not that you were suggesting that suggestions were solicitations. Which, I would compare my poor interpretation to the deplorable job the moderators did with my appeal... but it's different as it's their 'job'. Though, again -- I apologize for my 'dimwittedness'. I'm just going to drop it -- I've let this trivial thing consume too much of my energy today. Thanks for all of your responses.
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Maralyn Maralyn | 3 days ago
Someone skimmed the answer and filed the report. I see nothing wrong with this answer as you are not saying 'Go with Titan Insurance'.
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