Would anyone be willing to help me with my Geometry homework? it'd be greatly appreciated.?

Would anyone be willing to help me with my Geometry homework? it'd be greatly appreciated.? Topic: Geometry homework
July 16, 2019 / By Jordyn
Question: So if you're reading this, I really appreciate that you're going to try to help me. You have no idea. So I'm taking Geometry this year and this is a class two years ahead of my grade and I need a little help with my homework. The instructions say: Given the coordinate of one of the endpoints of line AB and its midpoint M, find the coordinates of the other endpoint. The first problem says A(0,9), M(2,5) Anyone want to explain how I'm supposed to do this. I don't need the answer, just how to do it and I'll figure it out myself. I know if i ask for the answer as well someone is going to tell me to do my own homework so if you're going to say that please go away because I'm trying really hard and this is the first part of my homework I really really truly don't get. Anyways, thanks for any help you may give me. And for all the answers. If you need any more information please ask and I'll see what I can do. Thanks again [:
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Best Answers: Would anyone be willing to help me with my Geometry homework? it'd be greatly appreciated.?

Hanani Hanani | 2 days ago
Ok first you are going to need some graph paper. You can get it at any store that sells school supplies: Once you get your graph paper draw a line all the way across the center of it. Then draw another line all the way from the top to the bottom again centering it in the center of the paper> Where the two cross is your X,Y intercept That is where X = 0 (X line going across the paper) and Y = 0 (Y going up and down the paper) Now count up 9 places using lines on the graph paper on your Y line or line going up and down. Put a point there: that is A(0,9) Next for your M(2,5) point count over two places in the X line. Then count up 5 places and make a point That is your M(2,5) point. Now draw a line making sure it goes through your points A(0.9) AND M (2,5) As you will see that your line angles over 2 places for every fours places it goes down. So if by your two given points the slope of the line is 0 to 2 then then next point on the line is going to be 4. Now since you are looking at 9-5 =4 the Y points decease by 4 for every two places the X line slopes right. That will give you the end point by now subtracting 4 which gives you 1 So the other point on the line is going to be (4,1) Once you get it drawn on graph paper you will be able to see it a lot better. What that is saying is you have a 2 to 4 raise to run or pitch. For every 2 units it raises it runs 4 units. This is used a lot in construction work when building roofs You will hear them talking about raise to run a lot. In some parts of the country where they get a lot of snow the raise to run or pitch is regulated so snow will not accumlate on roofs. It'll fall slide off because of the coefficient of fraction factor. The more the pitch of a roof the less the coefficient of fraction. Or the less the snow will stick rather than sliding off. . When you get into Physics and start studying coefficient of fraction you will see what I mean.
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Edmund Edmund
it's kinda hard to show on here cause i need a grid but i can try to explain it i might it wrong so im not saying it's the right answer...im just saying it SEEMS like the rite answer based on my knowledge of this...subject :D ok so first u make a cooridanites grid EXAMPLE:http://www.doe.mass.edu/mcas/images/db/05m06q10.g so the format of graphing coordinates is ALWAYS (x,y) so it's like first horizontal then vertical so if A is (0,9) then you go to 0 on the x axis(the bottom line) nd up to 9 on the y axis (the top line) and that is where A is so then plot out M and is M is the Halfway point between AB then u can figure out the position of B which is (0,4) i think.,,,>_> yea i know really confusing -_-" but if u know this already about the cooridanats it shouldnt be so hard so yea hope that helped
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Camden Camden
i am also working 2 grade levels above me so i feel ur pain. wut i think u should do is (just like the other answer said its hard to explain w/o a grid) because u no the coordinates of the first endpoint and the midpoint i think you should look on the grid and see the distance between point A and point M then once you have that distance look at point M and add the distance from point A to point M to Point M and then u should have ur other endpoint. its confusing and i have no idea if its right because i no ur working 2 years above ur level but i still dont no wut grade it is and if ur workin 2 years above ur grade level u can figure out my grade im workin on an 8th grade level so plz if u dont think my explanation is right dont go with it cause...yeah.
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Algar Algar
its just a line follow where its headed it gos 2 over 4 down to get to midpoint so the end would be 2 over and 4 more down. here's an other example a(4,2), m(6,3) you follow the slope and the end is (8,4)
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