How to deal with self-obsessed people?

How to deal with self-obsessed people? Topic: Just in case shoes online
July 19, 2019 / By Rorie
Question: Okay..so one of my best friends is just so over obsessed with herself. Yesterday we went out for a coffee and she was like "Oh do you like my hair? I just died it. What about my shoes? Bought them online. What do you think about my purse? It's new." I am not exaggerating! I think she described every single thing she was wearing. And she smiles and laughs so fakely and unnaturally. I don't know how to deal with this kind of person. Especially that I do not want to become like her. Look,she's a very good friend of mine and I can't just tell her straight in the face. I would lose her. Help?
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Montague Montague | 5 days ago
There could be 2 reasons...you know your friend better. This could be sign of really feeling insecure about herself and she really wants your opinion. She may have very low self esteem. If that is the case you should make efforts to reassure her that she looks fine. Does she act insecure at times? Then she needs your support in this as her self esteem is low. I don't believe she is narcisstic because they always believe they are best looking and have a high opinion about their looks. So I really believe she has some deep rooted insecurites. Be gentle with her. Tell her she looks alright but she should not need confirmation all the time. Even if she is bragging to you, that is a sign of insecurity. If that is what she is doing. Just say ''you look fine'' and then tell her to stop asking the same questions over again. Try to distinguish if she asks because she is bragging or because she really is insecure and needs confirmation?
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You make *many* good points in your post. I honestly could say that if asked, I would have written the exact same commentary, give or take a word or two. 'Why isn't anyone doing anything about this?", you ask. Umm ... how can anyone do anything about it? In the USA, the media is now controlled by only 7 or 8 mega-corporations that basically decide what your viewing options are. (Those same media mega-corporations are also shareholders in the other mega-corporations that you see in the advertisements on TV. It's all intertwined now.) I don't even watch TV any more. Cut the cable cord about 5 years ago. I might watch an occasional football game or some sporting event once in a while, but that's about it. So I am certainly not one who is any longer 'pulled into' all the advertising that says "I need this look", "I need that car", "I need that phone", etc. nonsense.
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Kassidy Kassidy
maybe... make fun. next time she asks about each and every item or something... use humor and friendly sarcasm to ask how YOUR hair and shoelaces and etc look. and when she acts ingenuine... just don't respond. tough love. hopefully she'll catch on.. that people respond to real, genuine behavior.
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It's simple, actually. Twilight is a self-insertion book. Bella is the average, every-day, normal girl. She's not described well in the book (can you name five of her interests and personality traits?) so it's easy for anyone to *give* her their own traits. For example, I can decide that she likes James McAvoy, doesn't like shopping for clothes, is in love with labrodors, is intrigued by art and dance, and wants to be a writer. Then you have me. She also doesn't have friends. Yeah, she has Angela and Jessica, but they're never there, and they're more of the "well, I'm new, there's no one else, so I guess I'll hang out with these guys" type of friends. So you can think more about the type of people she would *really* hang out with, and insert your own friends in there. Then you have Edward. Edward is every girl's fantasy. The way that Meyer writes him, he's meant to be strong, protective, a gentleman, romantic, everything any girl could want. That's Edward. Since Meyer is a horrible writer, she made him controlling and abusive by accident, but it all the same. The girls who don't realize this part just look at Edward as their fantasy. They're already Bella by the time Edward comes around, so it's easier than anything in the world to imagine Edward as her own. The whole point of the story is that you do anything for love. Edward does everything and anything for Bella, and that's what girls want. It's unrealistic, but that's why they're even more obsessed. I don't know how many of the girls who read these books realize that Twilight is poorly written (my own friends do, but like it anyway), but those that do, like my friends, will just like it for the story or the writing doesn't bother them too much or something. Others will hate it all together. Those that don't, well, they don't read good books. If you asked a question about what Twilighters recommend to you, a majority of them won't give you good books. There are those who will, but the majority won't. If you don't read good books, you're less likely to know good literature. I hope this answers your question. I used to be obesessed, so a lot of this is from my past experience with the books. I now passionately hate it, but respect others' opinions. Just so you know. Have a lovely day!
Kassidy Originally Answered: Why are people so obsessed with Twilight?
I think that the majority of girls are more obsessed with Edward and Bella than the actual story. I read the first book which was good but the other three books were not all that great.

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