Hello guys! I have a English grammar question:?

Hello guys! I have a English grammar question:? Topic: Write letter english examples
June 17, 2019 / By Kassidy
Question: Which one is the correct: "People is very kind" "People are very kind" Since people is/are a group of many persons, should I use plural or singular? Thanks! Also since I'm thinking before writing, (and that's disturbing) Should I say "I have AN English grammar question" or "I have A English grammar question? It has to be with: "an if the next letter is a vocal and a if the next letter is a consonant?" I'm freaking out!
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Best Answers: Hello guys! I have a English grammar question:?

Haywood Haywood | 6 days ago
People are very kind..... With the a/an, "an" always come before a word that starts with a vowel (a, e, i, o, u). Some examples are... "You are 'a' very nice person" (the v in very isn't a vowel) "I am interested in learning 'an' English word today" (E)
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Haywood Originally Answered: English Grammar Question?
In the clause "whom you know", "whom" is the object of the verb, "you" is the subject of the verb, and "know" is the verb itself. As the object, "whom" takes the objective form. The entire clause "whom you know" is a nominative clause acting as the subject complement in the sentence "It is whom you know". In that sentence, "it" is the subject, "is" is the verb, and the complete nominative clause is the subject complement. The clause as a whole does not have a subjective or objective form, although it does have a subjective use here. What matters isn't the subjective use of the clause. What matters is the objective use of the word. Of course, as you've noticed yourself, most people ignore these relationships in casual conversation. Even though "It is he" is correct, "It's him" is common. Even though "It is whom you know" is correct, "It's who ya know" is common.

Elihoenai Elihoenai
The first one is "are" because when you are talking about many people, you use plural. The second is "an" because when the next letter starts with a vowel, such as "english", you must use "an".
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Charley Charley
you put "an" before a word beginning with a vowel or a vowel sound. not sure how to explain the first part of the question but i'm pretty sure it's "people are very kind"
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Alured Alured
the ultimate gadget for the accessory is to pay attention and mimic. observing video clips won't help in case you basically passively pay attention. you're able to actively pay interest to and imitate the sounds you pay attention. whilst gaining wisdom of French, I made a factor to repeat strains that community audio equipment had mentioned with a view to seize the two the cadence and the accessory with which they communicate. i've got been usually asked if i'm truly a community French speaker, and that i've got had community audio equipment tell me that my accessory is marvelous simply by fact i'm no longer basically copying the final sound, I make a factor to maintain on with the "accessory of the sentence," in case you be conscious of what I recommend. That way that the pitch rises and falls, the way they decelerate or speed up particular words. that is something you are able to't truly learn formally, you learn it by skill of forcing your self to apply it, till you parent the guidelines on your person. try applying American television shows---yet do no longer basically pay attention. Pause after each few strains and repeat returned what become only mentioned. concentration on what you do this sounds distinctive or the comparable. Repeat the strains returned till you're catching the properly suited pitches and speeds, no longer basically the properly suited pronunciations. As for grammar---video clips and tv suck. stick to books. purchase English books and examine them. all of them. again and again and over. Grammar in that form of solid booklet is the ultimate source you gets, simply by fact it won't basically advance your information of suitable grammar, it is going to coach you whilst and the place that is okay to break grammatical rules with a view to make a factor. it is going to coach you -how- to break those rules so as that your factor gets for the time of. additionally, your vocabulary will advance heavily.
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Alured Originally Answered: A question about English grammar?
Yes, "an English book", could mean a book written in English or about English and it could be fiction or non fiction. A title could mean anything. If you're looking for a book for yourself to study English, I'd recommend going to the children's section and looking up books about learning English spelling, grammar, phrases, words and then as you learn move up to nonfiction books about studying English. I applaud you, English is a very hard lanagauage if it isn't your first language!

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