Is it acceptable to transpose songs in a musical?

Is it acceptable to transpose songs in a musical? Topic: Musical writing act one finale
June 26, 2019 / By Karolyn
Question: Hey there. :3 So, I'm in a little bit of a predicament. I auditioned for my high school's production of the Wiz a few weeks ago, and I got the part of the Wizard himself. We had the first read through a couple days ago, and acting-wise, I think I can get this spot-on. The problem I have is with the singing portion. >.< Now, I've been told I'm a tenor. And, so, I put that on my audition form. However, some of the songs the Wiz sings (So You Wanted To See the Wizard, for example) are just on the edge of my range. I suppose I could work on branching out my range (vocal exercises and whatnot) although I'm not sure if I can make it sound, well... good, in time. So, I was wondering. Would it be.. I don't know.. acceptable to transpose the music down a full step? I'm not entirely sure if we're using live accompaniment (piano) or the actual soundtrack, but I suppose you could transpose either. Keep in mind that I am not a professionally trained vocalist, by any means. Much gratitude to those who can help. :3
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Hattie Hattie | 7 days ago
ok, first: ignore ANYONE who tells you that you need to practice a song loudly to improve (ie Roderick). Yes it is done. even on Broadway. Since you say you are only planning to use piano if it's live, this shouldnt be a problem. The pianist will either be able to write the transpositions in (or do it bu sight if theyre good enough). Worst case, someone could enter it into Finale or Sibelius and do them for you. Samuel French controls the amateur rights, and they may offer transpositions. I know MTI does, but I cant find anything on the French site about it. Have your director give them a call.
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Dorcia Dorcia
No, i think of they are in a position to be transposed. in the orchestral aspects for 'The Sorcerer' (Gilbert and Sullivan) there are 2 variations of one of the arias in diverse keys because of fact the unique version were too severe for between the unique solid contributors. despite the fact which you may ought to communicate on your MD approximately your particular case, and probably say which you would be keen to transpose the music your self. it must be that that area must be in a undeniable key because of fact it leads into something else or is led into from something else, yet whilst not, and in case you're perfect for the area in all different techniques, i don't think of it quite is out of the question. in simple terms make useful that PhotoScore does not misinterpret the score so as which you transpose some notes incorrect, that must be embarrassing! solid success with your audition.
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Cassandra Cassandra
The band/orchestra will be playing in a certain key, and the actor would be expected to sing in that key. Even if you somehow transposed for audition, it would be really hard to transpose every other orchestra part, as well as the other vocalists' parts. Just do your best. And if you practice the song a lot (loud), you may find that you can actually hit those notes.
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