My 10 mo. old is allergic to wheat,dairy,soy & rice & breaks out in hives on Nutramigen & Alimentum. Help?

My 10 mo. old is allergic to wheat,dairy,soy & rice & breaks out in hives on Nutramigen & Alimentum. Help? Topic: Res homework diary
June 26, 2019 / By Elkana
Question: These allergies are confirmed by an allergy blood test. He is allowed nothing but his milk. He is currently on goats milk but still breaks out. He has eczema and welts up at the oddest times and for no apparent reason. Has anyone had a cotton allergy? A water allergy? A nylon fiber allergy(from carpet)? These are the constants in his life that are possible allergies. I feel like we're the only people with this problem! His cheeks, arms and backs of his knees are always red and itchy and welty.
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Cheyanne Cheyanne | 2 days ago
I agree with Amy L, I think you need to see an allergy specialist. It just seems too early in life to start such serious allergies. Also, I have heard but not tried personally, but that goats milk is suppose to be easier to digest. It might be worth a shot, I think you can buy it at the grocery store, I know I have seen it with the canned condensed milk, but I would first call your pediatrician before making this switch. Another thing I wanted to ask is are you sure it is each of those things, not what is in them. We have found that my son has an allergy to corn...not bad, but how we found out was he was doing a kid activity that involved corn starch and he began to get hives on his skin, everywhere the starch touched. So we tried it again a week later to see, and have since ruled also that when he eats corn, he generally develops diarhea and a headache the following day. Anyway, the point I am trying to make is that it may be that the allergy is what is in these the formulas or the process used to make them. (nutramigen and Alimentum), not actually, wheat, dairy, soy and rice, but possibly. With my son, after finding out the corn allergy, I started looking closer to ingredients and it is amazing how much corn startch is in everything! Anyway, I think you are in for some real homework, and should consider seeing an allergy specialist, keep a diary of what is eaten, I assume the baby doesn't just drink forumal but may also be on table foods, could it be something in those? Sorry, I gave you more questions than answers, but there is so much more involved than you may realize.
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Cheyanne Originally Answered: Question for Alimentum or Nutramigen users?
I bought it up till my daughter was 6 months old, and is cost about $300 dollars a month. I used the RTF, which is about 9 dollars a bottle, and we went through about 1 a day. My daughter's insurance now covers it completely. We have to use the powder, but by the time I went to the insurance, she was doing better, and able to have the powder. Talk to your pediatrician. If he gives you a prescription, and letter of medical necessity, your insurance should cover it.
Cheyanne Originally Answered: Question for Alimentum or Nutramigen users?
My baby is on alimentum. We could afford normal formula but not this. At 4 months he went on it. It cost between $25 an $30 a can. One can lasted him 3-4 days. I haven't heard of insurance covering this, but it may...I'lll have to look into it myself. My husband and I ended up going on the program Women Infants and Children (WIC in New York) because we couldn't afford it. We felt bad, having to go on this assistance, but it was the only way to get our little buddy the formula he needed. See if there is a pubic assistance program like this in your area. You may qualify. I must say, though Alimentum is expensive, it is a Godsend! My baby had a terrible pealing rash all over his body. Within a few weeks of this special formula it was gone. Now I'm slowly introducing him to yogurt and he's doing great. Good luck to you!

Alystair Alystair
But individuals who are allergic to dairy and/or wheat may need to be more careful than the average consumer when it comes to homeopathic medicines. Like most drugs, these medicines contain inactive ingredients. In this case, the inactive ingredients aren’t extraneous fillers, binders, or solvents. They are completely necessary as carriers of the active homeopathic ingredients. The most common carriers used are solid lactose or liquid alcohol formulations. Lactose is a milk sugar and alcohol is often grain alcohol made from wheat. So is homeopathy safe for dairy or wheat allergy sufferers? Most homeopathic companies will say that the required doses are so small, a couple tiny tablets or a few drops under the tongue, that allergy sufferers need not be concerned. However, many homeopathic medicines are meant to be taken multiple times a day for a month or longer. Could long-term use of small amounts of substances that initiate acute inflammatory responses in allergic individuals really be good for their health? Homeopathic tablets and tinctures seem to be a risky proposition for dairy and wheat allergy sufferers. Luckily, a few homeopathic companies have developed water-based homeopathic medicines. Water-based homeopathy is ideal for individuals with allergies. These medicines are available from SafeCareOTC, Sprayology and King Bio. Other companies, such as Boiron and Hylands, offer a few lactose and alcohol-free products as well. Most of these products are available online and many are available in select stores across the country. If your local natural medicines or health food store doesn’t carry lactose and alcohol-free homeopathics then ask them too. A large number of consumers at stores such as these have food allergies, so your local store can only benefit by offering water-based homeopathic medicines that are safe for everyone. Nicole Evans is an alternative medicine researcher/developer turned medical student. She also works with King Bio, a homeopathic company dedicated to empowering people to safely and naturally improve their health. For cutting edge contemporary homeopathics
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Tierra Tierra
Are you sure its the food he/she is allergic to? Sounds like no matter what you feed there is something wrong. Maybe its something else. You really need to take him/her to the pediatrcian.
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well as the other responder stated the best bet is talking to your Dr, however my girlfriend has a similar problem she is allergic to all gluten and seem to be very sensitive to many pain medications from what she tells me naproxen works best with her which is both a prescription medication and a otc medications found in aleve and other generic product but again everyone is different talk to someone that really knows you and what they are taking about like your doctor or your pharmacist. though they may not you your background as well as your Dr this kind of information is specifically what a pharmacist is taught to do whatever you feel most comfortable with.

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