Did soldiers shoot their own in ww2?

Did soldiers shoot their own in ww2? Topic: Disertion
June 26, 2019 / By Ottis
Question: Someone I know is saying that in ww2 (granted, their 93 year old grandpa was in ww2) American soldiers shot another soldier for failing to protect during night watch. Sounds completely bogus to me. But of course if that was true it wouldn't be plastered on google. So does anyone know? Is this true or just an old man rambling?
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Lev Lev | 4 days ago
If it happened, it was on an extralegal basis. There were only 141 legal executions during WWII, and all except one were for crimes of murder or rape. The only exception, Eddie Slovik, was executed for desertion. This is not to say it did not happen, only that it would have been a crime, and may have been covered up by other soldiers present or attributed to combat in the fog of war.
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Jamison Jamison
There were cases in WW2 where American soldiers shot other American soldiers, some by mistake and others killed a fellow soldier in the heat of battle for any number of reasons. One case I personally know of was an incident in a rest area in a tent. Two friends were playing around and one of the soldiers picked up an M-1 rifle and placed it on the friend's stomach and pulled the trigger, it blew a hole in the man's stomach, he died instantly, the rifle had blanks in it.
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Frankie Frankie
As far as fragging in specific... I've watched countless documentaries, individual war diaries, inteviews with veterans and I think this is about the best answer you'll get, it's the one I've arrived at anyways. Of all the soldiers that I've heard recollections from, the western Allies on a whole didn't frag their own. They talked about wanting to lots, some idiot officer who would be better off dead because theiy are pure death themselves on the frontlines or some company bully hated by all - but I've not once heard of anyone following though, that I'd think was a credible source. Many many stories exist of say Canadians killing Canadians, Yanks killing Yanks and Brits killing Brits, or any combination of all the above lol, all accidental or 'collateral damage'. No difinative direct fragging of ones own, to my knowledge. Nor did the Italians or French. The Germans and Russians, total opposite end of the spectrum - definately killed their own. Two ex-Wehrmacht spoke of having a Jewish officer who was later fragged in battle; the SS had flying death squads completely equipped with rope and noose patrolling the rear echelon in the last six months of The Third Reich seeking out anyone moving in a direction other than towards the front - summary execution followed. The Russians also had penal battalions who's function was to walk through minefields at a walking pace thus clearing them, or stationed behind a Russian front tasked to shoot any and all Russians retreating.
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Deacon Deacon
That could be possible and it did occur. Stalin issued an order to hold firm and established special units to kill deserters.
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