Which section of Yahoo!Answers have the more annoying questions/answers?

Which section of Yahoo!Answers have the more annoying questions/answers? Topic: Homework section
June 24, 2019 / By Claramae
Question: I personally think it's the religion section because you have a bunch of die hard religious people and die hard atheists on there arguing with each other. BQ: Which section has questions that are the hardest to answer? I think it's the homework help section, but mainly because I don't want to do someone else's homework for them. How embarrassing...the main question should read "Which section of Yahoo!Answers have the most annoying questions/answers?" MY BAD! Thumbs up for all the real answers ^_^
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Best Answers: Which section of Yahoo!Answers have the more annoying questions/answers?

Barbra Barbra | 7 days ago
I don't like the other cultures & groups section because the black users are racist & delusional. BQ: the sections where people ask question about their Homework.
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Barbra Originally Answered: What are the most annoying thins about Yahoo answers?
1. Jack W's language 2. The people in 'Scottish Football.' 3. People who come on and ask one question then never come back and rate the answers they get. 4. Rudeness about the standard of English when it's obvious it's the person's second language. 5. Questions which start '10 point for best answer'. 6. Questions which start 'I'm desperate'. 7. Kids who want you to write essays for them - like now. 8. People who can't see the joke. 9. Getting a violation for nothing! 10. That's all folks!

Adele Adele
Have you been to the Pets section? OMG they'd rip your head off if you say anything bad about how hard it is to keep a pet
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Tayler Tayler
It has to be singles and dating all people ask over and over is does this person like or do I look good in this picture its stupid crap its the same questions ten thousand times a day
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Peter Peter
Too many sections to even name but than again, I know it's all in good fun. No one takes this website seriously.
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Luther Luther
Adolescent - I think I'm pregnant what should I do questions - Spanking questions - Troll questions - I'm ugly and depressed questions (the user Katie) BQ: None
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Jeff Jeff
There are a lot of answers in the homework section that SPECIFICALLY say, "Do your own homework," especially to those that say, "...and show your work."
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Jeff Originally Answered: The busiest section in Yahoo! answers?
Singles and Dating. everybody has relationship questions that have already been answered a million times

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