Did anyone else take the SATs today?

Did anyone else take the SATs today? Topic: Hard times critical essays
July 15, 2019 / By Murgatroyd
Question: I did! And it wasn't too bad. This is my second and last time taking it and I think I did a lot better than the first time. The first time I got a 1580 and I'm really hoping for at least a 1700 this time *crossing my fingers* I'm so nervous for the score now, but I'm so glad I'm done with SATs and now I can actually fully focus on college stuff. How do you think you did ?
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Kenith Kenith | 3 days ago
I think i did alright and im glad the essay wasnt too hard but the critical reading definitely killed me.
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Kenith Originally Answered: Need help with my SATs?
(1) LOL is never appropriate in an essay and OMG is only appropriate when quoting someone who explicity said (or wrote) OMG in the quote. (2) SAT is not an abbreviation. It used to be an acronym for Scholastic Aptitude Test, and, later, Scholastic Assessment Test. But, ETS decided that neither were appropriate to describe the SAT so eventually stood for nothing.
Kenith Originally Answered: Need help with my SATs?
I can't understand why you would put LOL or OMG in an essay. It isn't a text message to your friend.
Kenith Originally Answered: Need help with my SATs?
It depends on the situation. If you say i saw a poster that said "OMG" , than that would be acceptable.

Hiram Hiram
i'm in year 9 and finished my first Sats checks 2daii, Im predicted a element 7/8 in my SATs. i got here upon the psychological Maths common, extra or a lot less round 25/30. Paper a million develop into fairly confusing, yet I managed and imagine I did properly. yet in Paper 2, that develop into really common. i comprehend that I did the superb in paper 2 out of all of them ... Does all people comprehend the grade barriers for 2008? desire everywun diid properly !!! solid Luk wid da relax of the week ..x
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Hiram Originally Answered: Should I re-take the SATs?
Nice scores! I took Princeton Review for prep, starting out with an 1890. I got a 2240 on my real SAT, 800 reading, 660 math, 780 writing. I think it definitely helped! A lot of the SAT is just knowing how the questions look, which is why most people's scores go up second try. Statistically, I don't think a third try brings most people's scores up. But if you studied, like got some flash cards for vocabulary words to raise your reading, for example, I think another try could help. But seriously your scores are good enough for most colleges :D
Hiram Originally Answered: Should I re-take the SATs?
Unless you're trying to get into an Ivy League school or a college with high prestige (none of your little "state u's") my counselor says that as long as you make at least a 1750 you should be okay. Your scores are awesome--the national average is somewhere around 1500. However, I would suggest taking the ACT just to say you did, in case you end up doing awesome on that too

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