I need a photo shoot theme ASAP?

I need a photo shoot theme ASAP? Topic: Case shoting
June 17, 2019 / By Garrick
Question: im doing a photo shoot in a couple weeks and i need 5 themes for the director to choose from. they have to be age appropiate, i am 14. and i have to have a prop with each outfit. an example would be this: instant cowgirl look that could be in a CMT music video... ripped jeans or daisy dukes tank top or halter top cowboy boots cowboy hat big belt buckle rope. that is jsut one example i have and i really need some more ! please help thanks so much (:
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Devereux Devereux | 8 days ago
When I have done photo shoots for models, the usual shots are1) casual,2) bathing suit and 3)semi-formal. I think for your age, you could wear casual with props like everyday things you use...cell phone, backpack, etc; for the bathing suit you could take a beach towel, beach ball, bubbles to blow, freesbie, suntan lotion, beach chair, etc,; for semi-formal you could dress as if you were going to the prom..hair adornments, fake flowers,, etc. If you play a sport, dress in your uniform and bring whatever you need for that sport, ball, running shoes, cap, etc. Whatever you do, don't try to look older (that usually comes across as slutty), keep props simple as well as outfits so as not to distract from YOU. Make sure you are comfortable in whatever you wear or that will come across as well. (PS: wear baby oil on your skin, it really does work, keep hair out of face, simple hairdo and bring safety pins and hair pins just in case.)
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