How can I tell if a classmate is considering suicide?

How can I tell if a classmate is considering suicide? Topic: Do my homework former and latter
July 16, 2019 / By Frankie
Question: There is this girl in school who doesn't have many friends. People make fun of her and her friends a lot. The other day she tried to give away her charm bracelet that she saved so much to get. She is new this year and not many people like her. I'm not friends with her but I want to help however I can. I just don't know how.
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Deacon Deacon | 7 days ago
Is there a chance that your classmate may have given away her charm bracelet just to gain acceptance from the person she intended to give it to? Here are some signs that indicate a person may be suicidal: 1.) Lack of personal hygiene 2.) Extreme changes in behavior 3.) Disinterest in personal appearance 4.) Loss of interest in activities once enjoyed 5.) Engagement in bold and reckless behavior 6.) Appearing unemotional or extremely happy 7.) Sudden decrease in academic results or not doing homework 8.) Giving away of priced possessions Did your classmate give away other of her possessions as well? Especially items that are essential and are categorized under necessities? Why is it that not many people like this girl? Is it due to physical appearance or eccentric behavior? Whether the former or the latter or whatever the reason is, you can help by being friends with her. Just strike up a conversation by introducing yourself. I am sure you know where to go from there. But please do not ignore her. Perhaps if you become friends with her, your friends may also become friends with her. I think someone has to make the first step, to get the ball rolling. You shall have the honor. No matter what she turns out to be, everyone is a unique individual. Wouldn't it be mundane if everyone had the same preferences for things and the same personality? Try and accept her for who she is deep inside. Observe her and if you notice that she may be intending to cause harm to herself, tell the school counselor discreetly. Take care.
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Deacon Originally Answered: If I write a book about a suicide, can a parent sue me because it caused his child's suicide?
It would depend on which country you're in. In the US I suspect yes. However, I have noticed that many publishers add a default note to the front of their books to the effect 'neither the publisher nor the author is responsible for the ways in which you use the information contained in this book. Always consult an expert before acting on anything you learn here.' I think that's meant to prevent the suing.

Barrett Barrett
Be nice to her. Start a trend in your group of friends that you are going to reach out to others. All it takes is just going up to her and saying hi. Ask her what her hobbies are. Ask her what her other school was like. This will strike up a conversation and you never know you may become great friends. It is important to set a good example, your teachers will notice and other classmates will notice and it will earn you alot of respect in the future. Ive been there. When I was in school I was in the popular croud, I was a cheerleader and in all the clubs, a new girl came to our school and I was in your same position. I chose to step out and be her friend and no one has ever forgotten that compassion I showed for her. That was 11 years ago. Trust me it will earn you a lot of respect in the future. Best Wishes. Always follow your heart and be a leader not a follower.
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Yolonda Yolonda
Be her friend come on how hard can it be stand up for her if you see she's getting picked on, if you're worried about her well being that means you've got guts, to help her means you've got power even if other's made fun of you for doing it. Offer her some kind of topic to talk about, by her response and the way she says thing you'll know if she's unhappy or suicidal, talk to her friends to find out if she's having any issues at home or just here in school. Tell her not let other people get to her and tell those other people to f0ck off or you'll have their asses kicked simple as that.
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Sheenagh Sheenagh
She may seem withdrawn, unhappy, is seen alone, and may show other signs of problems such as cutting or drug use. She could definately use a friend, have her over for some snacks and take a walk in a park or rent a movie. some girl time could do her good. if she's not ur type, help her find friends
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Pauleen Pauleen
1. Share your concerns with someone at school, in private. A teacher, counselor, principal. 2. Call the Suicide Prevention hotline, 1-800-273-TALK. They can offer better advice and resources.
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Mariana Mariana
Ask her how she's doing? And if she says everythings good just be like ok. But don't give up eventually she'll crack and finally tell you the truth. No matter what let her know that your there for her. Or atleast say hi to her. It's probably really hard for her to be the new kid. You never know what she is thinking about.
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