What are the exact coordinates of El Salvador?

What are the exact coordinates of El Salvador? Topic: Map homework assignment
June 26, 2019 / By Laurissa
Question: I would like to know the exact coordinates of the country of El Salvador in degrees minutes and seconds please. I have been trying to find them online but when I type them in on a map it gives me the middle of the ocean. A little help please and also where you found the information. This is not a homework assignment or anything like that. I want to know because I want to get a tattoo of the coordinates. It is where my family comes from so it would mean a lot to me and them. Thanks.
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Joanne Joanne | 4 days ago
You need to be a little more specific. Since the country of El Salvador doesn't occupy a single point, there is no single set of coordinates which represents its location. It occupies a whole range of latitudes and longitudes. Now, what I can tell you for the moment is that, when I enter El Salvador into Google Earth, it zooms in on a spot on the map with coordinates 13 degrees 47' 39.07" North Latitude, 88 degrees 53' 47.51" West Longitude. I don't know what the program uses to choose that particular spot, but it is a start for you. El Salvador is in Central America, bordered by Guatemala, Honduras and the Pacific Ocean.
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Joanne Originally Answered: What was the capital of el salvador before it was el salvador?
Actually I found a reference to the capital being by Suchitoto Set amid beautiful rolling countryside 18km east of Aguilares, near the site of a pre-Columbian Pipil town, SUCHITOTO lies on a small ridge above the southern edge of Lago de Suchitlán . The town's height of glory came when the original Villa San Salvador was located near here in 1528. In the many years since the capital was relocated, life has generally been quiet. Some 8km south of Suchitoto are the remains of San Salvador Cuidad Vieja , the original capital of El Salvador, founded in 1528, and now one of the most important archeological sites in the country - though there's not much to see as yet, and most of the remains are still buried under layers of earth. Ten minutes from Suchitoto by car, at kilometre 34.8 on the Carretera San Martín, the renovated hacienda Güancora La Bermuda (tel 226 1839; US$25-40) offers a small range of excellent accommodation set amid magnificent gardens complete with swimming pool; there's also some fine walking in the area.
Joanne Originally Answered: What was the capital of el salvador before it was el salvador?
San Salvador was founded in 1525 so the only previous capital may have been the nearby Pipil Indian Capital Cuscatlán.

Gabi Gabi
Google finds the coordinates of the map center by averaging the longitudes of the most easterly and westerly points in the country, and the latitudes of the most northerly and southerly points. The CIA factbook gives the coordinates of the country's center as 13° 50' N, 88° 55' W which is pretty much the same as Google but rounded to the nearest 5 minutes. Hope this helps.
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First of all, you did not let us know about the language that you will write the letter in. But if you are writing a letter to a kid from El Salvador, it is super likely that he/she will not understand English, and if the kid is poor, he can't afford a bilingual education I guess. So I figure out that the letter will be written in Spanish. Then you could write something like this for instance: Hola amigo, soy Nicole, te escribo desde Canadá y lo hago porque he conocido acerca de ti por medio de X institución. Me gustaría tener comunicación contigo y ayudar en lo que me sea posible. Aunque nunca he visitado El Salvador, he leído mucho sobre tu país y me he dado cuenta que hay personas muy especiales e inteligentes como tú. And so on Nicole, you just try to be natural in your letter and try to make the kid feel that you appreciate him and that you just want to be a friend, or maybe help him, it depends on your objectives. I can proofread the Spanish letter if you need that Nicole. I am from El Salvador, so I know the culture and a lot of things about this country. So I would be glad to help if it is necessary. Bye. Jaime Montoya [email protected] http://www.jaimemontoya.com
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