What does Ohio State University look for?

What does Ohio State University look for? Topic: Writing application essay tips
July 20, 2019 / By Devan
Question: I want to go to Ohio State one day. I wanted to know what they look for in a student. what extracurricular activities does Ohio state university look at in applications. * Any tips on what classes and clubs to take in high school would be very helpful.
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Candi Candi | 5 days ago
Hey, I just got in today and here is what I had going: 3.2 GPA 26 ACT/ 1190 SAT Baseball Marketing Don't take easy classes: Ohio State looks would rather see a "b" in a real class than an "a" in an easy class Make sure you write a good essay on your application Good Luck
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Candi Originally Answered: Does the ohio state university offer a degree in accounting?
A BSBA(Accounting) and a Degree in Accounting are the same thing. http://fisher.osu.edu/departments/accoun... The relevant matter is what the requirements are to sit for the CPA Exam and for the CPA license in the state that a student wishes to practice. Check the state Board of Accountancy for the latest requirements. No state requires a degree or major in Accounting or Business Administration. All require substantial units in Business courses apart from Accounting. For instance, in California, the requirements are 24 semester units in Accounting and 24 semester units in Business related subjects to sit for the exam. With a degree and 150 semester units, one year of experience for the CPA License. In California, all business related units can be in Economics, so an Economics degree is just as relevant to meeting the degree requirements as a Business or Accounting degree. The Accounting and Business related subjects can be completed before or after earning the degree. Almost all states now require a minimum of 150 semester units of college coursework, so some colleges now offer a simultaneous bachelor's/masters degree for Accounting students. Ohio requirements: http://acc.ohio.gov/CPAExam.aspx [Note The Ohio State University is on the Quarter System, 150 semester units = 225 Quarter Units.] Good Luck!
Candi Originally Answered: Does the ohio state university offer a degree in accounting?
I would just like to add to Tom's answer. OSU is currently on the quarter system, BUT they are switching to semesters starting this summer(2012). And Yes, OSU offers a degree in accounting. I have several friends currently in that program.

Amanda Amanda
OSU thinks they have an income because of the fact of Wells, yet what they do no longer look to be wisdom is they only have issues against the run whilst the quarterback takes it out. I even have seen Boeckman run the ball and he won't supply the run protection a subject. The final 2 video games the sole runs that actually worked against LSU substitute into by Mississippi's QB and whilst McFadden substitute into line up as QB. you could notice that Tenn with out dashing QB or a RB which could throw ended up with a whopping ninety 4 yards dashing. additionally whilst comparing stats between the two communities you could't overlook who they have performed this season. LSU has a a lot extra durable time table and have positioned up extra useful offensive stats in a convention understand to have large defenses. OSU's shielding stats are a lot extra useful than LSU's, yet they have no team with a actual offense. i think of LSU wins the activity this is a blow out if LSU manages to ward off stupid blunders and one hundred yards in effects.
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