Will Yahoo! Answers ever stop deleting my answers, because when I appeal, I always win my case?

Will Yahoo! Answers ever stop deleting my answers, because when I appeal, I always win my case? Topic: Case staffing
June 17, 2019 / By Blain
Question: I've appealed perhaps 20 times in the past few weeks and have won each and every time. My answers always get restored. So my question is, after 20 or so appeals why haven't they gotten a clue yet? I'm a Top Contributor and a Trusted Member. I know for a fact that the community doesn't report me because when I get a violation notice, it's usually 2-3 days after my answer has been posted and there is no mention that the community had anything to do with it. So I think there is one staff member whose job is to shuffle through questions and delete the ones they don't like. Is this the case? shuffle through questions and answers*
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Acey Acey | 5 days ago
Y!A staff does not shuffle though the thousands of questions and untold numbers of answers posted daily - that would require 100's of staff members, which there are NOT. Yo are clearly being stalked. For more help, it would be far easier to mail me for discussing this. It's unwise that I share too much information re: what is going on, thus alerting whomever wants you suspended.
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Sophy Sophy
No, Yahoo does not have the staff to just blindly go around and monitor the postings. They just had a huge lay off at Yahoo and everything is even more computerized and automatic than ever before. Postings must first pass a filter system to make sure that there are not any bad words before it is allowed to post. If there are bad words, then they are either starred "*****" or it is sent to be reviewed by a person before it can be released. If sent to a person, it can take a long time to post. Once posted, it is the other users in the Yahoo Answers Community who report violations. It takes 2 or more reportings before the post is removed and you get the violation e-mail. Not all removals are violations. If there are no answers after 4 days, it is removed. If "No Best Answer" is chosen as the best answer, then the post is removed.
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Posie Posie
They receive thousands of questions per day, they don't have time to pick and choose what they like and don't like. Another user is obviously reporting you for abuse on a regular basis. You can email Yahoo and explain to them you feel you are being harassed by another user who keeps reporting you and request that user's account be suspended. If they don't respond to your request. Send another email saying that you will obtain a lawyer and get a warrant to find out who that person is and press charges against them. I'm sure Yahoo doesn't want to see their company name dragged through the mud in a lawsuit, so they should respond to that message quickly.
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Maureen Maureen
Wow I didnt know you could win appeals. Everytime I send in an appeal they only respond to me by disabling me.
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Often it is the simple questions that are picked to appear on the 'Best Of Answers',not necessarily the most intriguing or complex.Currently one of the questions being showcased is..."What is the deepest part of the sea?",a question that you would think most people would know the answer to, but in fact may not be so.I once had a question that was featured and it was "What are some tips for making the perfect barbecue?"I suspect that it was picked because it was Summertime in the U.S. when many people were outdoors firing up their grill.The questions featured are often seasonal like that,Halloween questions will be featured at Halloween time etc.One requires a bit of luck to be chosen,to hope that the Yahoo! staff come across your question and decide to use it.Your questions should be interesting and have a broad appeal,something that many people often wondered about but don't necessarily know the answer to.If you think that you asked a question that meets these requirements, you can email the staff and ask them to have a look at your question for consideration to the "Best Of Answers' Your question should also have gotten at least one or two very good responses.This method worked for someone in the past,so you never know,it just might work for you.(I assumed in my answer that you were interested in making it onto this section) ◘

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