How can I make sure he is happy?

How can I make sure he is happy? Topic: Basket case sounds like teen
June 17, 2019 / By Brent
Question: I have been with this guy for about a year now and even though we are engaged and its only been a year we are already at that part in are relationship where well, we are in a rut. and its only been a year! I dont think he is happy, and I dont know how to ask... because I mean, I am okay... I'm not thrilled with are relationship at the moment- but I do love him. so should I just ask him if he is happy, because if he wants to break up we can... or does that sound like I want to break up? because I dont I just want to know if he does. maybe I should say "we should break up." wait to see his reaction and if he gets really upset say "just kidding, I love you." I just dont know why he hasn't dumped me yet if he is so unhappy!
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Ahern Ahern | 8 days ago
don't be childish about it unless that's what you think he's expecting. The mature thing is to talk about this. tell him your fears your concerns and your worries... let him know you love him but feel like something is wrong and you're in a rut. If you need to spice it up there are many things you can do to find a deeper happier and more loving relationship with this guy I don't know how old you are, but you do sound young. Let me ask you if it's okay, are you having sex with this boy? IS the rut your in based around the lack of sex and chemistry maybe? There's a lot of resources available from the experts at this website I know of. It's become like my favorite place lately, I love it. check out some of the sections about spicing things up in the sex department or even a few of the relationship advice sections. It's a great resource, and you will probably find just what you need here. http://www.everythingaboutlove.info/ listen Lisa, if you feel something is really going on behind your back and this "rut" feels like he's pulled away from you, then you know what they say about a woman's intuition. I say follow your gut. But try talking to him like an honest and mature adult. he will only respect you for it instead of thinking you're a psycho chick that plays head games. Make any sense? I've been there. Trust me, we've ALL been there. I was a complete basket case in my 20's, and I did WAY worse lunatic stunts even in my teens. I know how crazy love can make you feel. And I also know just how lousy it can make you feel as well. I was looney toons for 3 months about a break up, but everything worked out in the end, and here I am married to the same wonderful guy for 23 years now. (we celebrate our 24th this coming september!) Damned if I'm ever going to ruin it either.
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Wow! Just wow. If I were your mom i'd be the happiest mom in the world. You're so sweet. Okay. I think you should get her a card and write all the good things about her and how much you love her, put it on her bed so when she comes home she can read it. And making her happy does not mean you have to spend big money! you can go on a picnic with her on a weekend using the money you saved to buy the food that you cook. Spend QUALITY time with her, thats the most important. Also, you seem to think that your mom is only happy by herself, from 'i wanted to send her to a hotel downtown so she could have time to herself and i already bought her a gift card for millenium park so she can eat there.' This is not the case. She might be happy if both of you go and maybe catch a movie or something together. The smallest things can make her happy too. Good luck.

Sunday Sunday
the plain fact you can't get up the nerve to ask your bf a simple question means you are no where near close to a good place in your relationship to even consider marriage. Maybe you are mistaking an established routine and his comfortableness with it as him being unhappy. I don't suggest you bring up breaking up unless it is something you really want to do. Instead, I think you need to focus on something on a more positive level - such as fine turning your communication skills. You would be much better off starting a conversation about a concern for how little the two of you talk about how you feel & that you'd like to see the two of you communicate more...than making a joke out of the potential end of your relationship.
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Rae Rae
Asking him if he wants to break up would probably hurt him and your relationship. If you are engaged I would suggest marriage counseling, not just talking to the pastor or priest that is going to marry you, but to a marriage counselor that can pick though all the bullcrap and help both of you. Wish somebody told me this same thing before I got married, then I filed for a divorce one and a half month later.
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Melisa Melisa
Well if he's not happy, then that must mean you're not happy w/ your relationship either. So it's time for you to stop wasting your time and talk to him about this and clear the air. And hopefully, he will be honest with you and tell you what he really wants. Good Luck.
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Leeann Leeann
He probably doesn't want to face it and doesn't want to hurt you. Even if you give him the chance, he might rather suffer than be the bad guy. Just tell him that it doesn't seem like we are passionate about each other and that you both deserve better. Then see what he says... Either way, you'll get better or get out, both of which are better than limbo. Enjoy!
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Jojo Jojo
don't do the last part that you said, you can ask in a way like when you guys are in bed, just say '' do you know that i love you'' see what will be his answer in what way then say '' are you happy with me, with our relation'' he will answer you and you are the only one that can know if he really meant it or not, but from what i read sounds like you are the one that wants to end it, hope its not true what i think, if its not then don't act this way with him cause it shows like you are ;)
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Gemma Gemma
Lisa, there are many different types of happiness. Don't play the game, just to see his reaction. Just be honest with yourself.
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