Los Angeles Chargers. coming soon?

Los Angeles Chargers. coming soon? Topic: What is media research in advertising
June 26, 2019 / By Alvy
Question: It may sound a little wierd... but it's a definite possibility. In January the San Diego Chargers signed a deal with Wasserman Media Group, located in Los Angeles, to begin HEAVILY advertising the team in the Los Angeles and Orange County markets. To many people, the Chargers may be making the initial first stages in moving the team back to Los Angeles following the 2009 or 2010 season. Notice how I said, "moving the team back to" LA. A little known fact is that the Chargers initially were created and played their first season in Los Angeles in 1963. They were the Los Angeles Chargers and who was their owner at the time, you may ask...? Baron Hilton, Paris Hilton's grandfather. OK, OK so signing an advertising deal to market the team in L.A. doesnt mean they are definitely moving, but take a look at these facts: 1) The Chargers have been trying to have a new stadium built in SD since 2002, so far to no avail. 2) The Chargers were allowed to begin searching for stadium sites in SD County a couple years ago, after the city of San Diego refused to discuss any new stadium with the team. It came down to 3 cities; National City, Oceanside, and Chula Vista. Chula Vista was finally picked as the final chance for the Chargers to have any hope in staying in SD County. The only site deemed worthy by the Chargers for a football stadium is located by the Chula Vista bayfront, where a power plant currently stands. The state just ruled that plant cannot be torn down anytime before 2018. The Chargers already said that is the last and final spot in SD County. If that spot falls through then they will be forced to look outside SD County. 3) The Chargers are contractual bond to the city of San Diego till the year 2020, however, there is a loophole in their contract with the city. It states if the city has not built the team a new state of the art football stadium then the team is free to move after the 2008 season. 4)The City of Industry (Los Angeles County) has just approved an environmental report approving the construction of a state-of-the-art football-only stadium. The voters of the city have also already approved a new stadium for their city. The City of Industry is about 10 minutes east of downtown Los Angeles. The developers, who created the Staples Center in downtown L.A., have said all they need to do now is find a team who will commit to playing there and they will immediately begin construction. 5) At this point in time, the Chargers are the best positioned team in the NFL to relocate. Is all this a sign of things to come? Mark Fabiani, Chargers Special Counsel, recently said the Chargers are "committed to playing in San Diego for the 2009 season." OK, but what about the 2010 season or after? Kinda makes Charger fans nervous, dont ya think? Personally, I dont want the Chargers to leave SD but if they do decide to move then I rather have them head up Interstate 5 than across the country. What do you guys think? I would love to hear from Charger fans and L.A. County sports fans. Charger fans in SD, will you still support the team if it moves to L.A.? L.A. sports fans... will you support the Chargers if they make the big move north?
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Thrud Thrud | 7 days ago
There is a strong possibility. The Rams, 49ers, Raiders and Jaguars are also potential suitors. I think the Chargers are likely the better option of all the teams I mentioned. Very well researched bro. I have read a lot about that. FYI, try to avoid the 5 Freeway as you enter Orange County. It is a traffic nightmare and is nearly on a 24/7 stop and go. It is a shorter path to take the 5 to the 605 Freeway to get to City of Industry, but it will likely be faster to go around. Take the 5 to the 57 and then take the 60 or take the 15 to the 60. Thumbs up to those who agree.
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Roseanne Roseanne
If the Chargers are not successful in 2009 then they will probably end up moving because of a plethora of bandwagon fans that will stop supporting them. No offense to any real fans, but the fanbase as a whole seems a bit wishy/washy.
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