Does this look like a scam email to you? Easy 10 pts.?

Does this look like a scam email to you? Easy 10 pts.? Topic: Sample reference papers
May 23, 2019 / By Alick
Question: I sent someone an inquiry in reference to a dog (husky) he is trying to sell. He showed the price to be free on his page. Here's what he sent back. Hello Thanks for your interest in adopting this my lovely puppies for they are still available and very sorry for getting back to you this late ok, they are by name called (Della and Ottis) and 12 weeks old. i am just so concerned about their welfare and hope you can assure me of that.They are home raised, potty trained and well socialized and gets along perfectly with children and other pets. they are pure breed puppies and AKC registered. They are updated on all their shots and comes with a year health guarantee. They love to be carried around and cuddled and full of caressing and kisses. They come alongside the following - A year health guarantee -AKC registration papers -Pedigree papers -An air conditioned crate -Vet record -Food samples -Puppy toys I am giving them out for adoption because of my newly acquired Job as an auditor which demands a lot of my time and entails a lot of traveling. As such, i have little or no time to spend with them.They are really in need of a home where they will be provided with all the love, care and attention they are being deprived of here. Cost is $270 each with delivery inclusive. I am currently on a 4 months auditing assignment in Seattle ,Washington (U.S.A) which is the more reason i am giving them out . however, i can have any of the puppy delivered to you if you can assure me that you will take proper care of them by answering to the below questions What state are you located.................? Do you have other pets.................... ? Do you promise to take proper care of them.............? To provide pictures so i see how they are doing...... ? Let me know if you need a male or female or both. thanks so much and stay blessed Price is now 270. At 12 wks they're potty trained (idk if thats normal). "Sorry for the late reply" I sent him the email 2 hrs before he replied. ALL that stuff that comes with it. I'm afraid that I'm going to give him the 270 & him not even having the dogs in the first place. Opinions?
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Best Answers: Does this look like a scam email to you? Easy 10 pts.?

Tansy Tansy | 1 day ago
It's a Cameroon puppy scam - do not reply Just google the sentence "They love to be carried around and cuddled and full of caressing and kisses. They come alongside the following " and see how many times this same EXACT sentence has been reported in Cameroon puppy scams Here are Della and Otis back in July 2010 and they were only 12 weeks old then but are bulldogs instead of huskies http://enoughaboutyousmith.blogspot.com/... In October 2010 they were Maltese puppies http://www.wordtravels.com/forum/comment... Here it's just one puppy named Kelly http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?... They want you to send money to some fake "shipper" with a fake website created by the scammers and you lose all your money DO NOT give these criminals your home address for any reason Need more proof it's a scam - say that you didn't realize they were in Seattle and that it's great news since your brother is a student at Seattle University and will just come by this week to pick up the puppies. They don't have to worry about shipping since your brother is coming home in a few weeks and will just bring them on the plane with him
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Tansy Originally Answered: Is this email a scam?
Very clearly a scam. If you would check the phone numbers, you`d see they are to mobile phones. A real company would use a landline.

Riley Riley
I don't think that it really looks like a scam, he seems concerned for the welfare of his animals. As for the potty training thing that is not abnormal, puppies are very easy to potty train, it just means that they have been taught to go to the toilet in a box or a certain spot which is definitely a good thing if you want them inside. The late reply thing could just be his interpretation or even the date or time on the email was incorrect or he got the date wrong; I wouldn't worry about that too much. Giving money is always a concern, maybe you could organise to phone him and ask him if you can pay when he arrives with the puppy. Make sure you're not alone when he comes either or that you meet somewhere public because you don't know the person. Goodluck!
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Mirabel Mirabel
It could be a scam. Best thing is to email back and answer all the questions but just say to him that you would like to view the puppies first before payment. That way you can see if they are for real
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Lillie Lillie
he Works al the time and they are neglected? and potti trained? they were free? now they are 270? they come with an air conditioned crate? and are in seattle what a pile if fertilizer!!!!!!!!!!!! e mail him back and tell him you live in seattle in seattle and you will bring him the cash money and pick them both up. but go ahead and answer his questions like you really believe him. i bet he does not answer , for one and if he does he will squirm like an eel on a hot rock. also tell him you are bring your husband with you. that is a scam for sure, but you can hae some fun frustrating him. before you tell him he shouled not try to insult your intelligences.
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Kaelee Kaelee
well it does seem a little sketchy for sure. I never trust emails with horrible grammar. Just don't give anybody any money until you have the dogs. If they demand they have the money before you even see the dogs its clear its a scam or something. Something is definitely off though in my opinion.
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Kaelee Originally Answered: Need to know if this email is a scam or not?
You don't get anything for nothing, , it's a scam do not answer do not give personal information.The following sites give more information www.scambusters-419.co.uk www.truthorfiction.com .Also If you go to the following link you will get some info on ID theft www.identity-theft.org.uk please answer nothing that you are doubtful about.Good Luck and be careful

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