What should I plead in my DUI case if I just want time to get a lawyer?

What should I plead in my DUI case if I just want time to get a lawyer? Topic: Case simulator
July 18, 2019 / By Shaelyn
Question: Happened in Virginia...blew 0.14...first offense. Obviously I can't plead "guilty" because everything would be done and over with and I wouldn't be able to have an attorney. I don't feel right saying "not guilty" because I doubt I have a legit case. But at the same time, I'd have time to get an attorney if I say this. I've heard that pleading "no contest" is the same as pleading guilty. So what do I do? My arraignment is in two days and I doubt I'll have a lawyer by then, but I think I want one (to see if the charges can be lessened, etc.) What should I plead if I just want to buy time to get a lawyer?
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Onndrea Onndrea | 7 days ago
Because I cannot give you legal advice, I would recommend that you look in your local phone book and contact an Attorney specializing in DUI cases and request a free 15 minute consultation. An Attorney of one of his or her paralegal can give you useful legal direction. Just tell the the same thing you told us, on this forum. And, listen carefully. They will tell you everything you need to know within that time. More than likely, a public Defender will be there on your date of court. You may want to call the court house and try to reach the same result with the court clerk. You can tell him or her what you told us, you have not yet find an Attorney, and they will talk to the District Attorney on your behalf to set another court date. One Attorney, by the name of Ted Vosk, was able to to get several DUI conviction overturned based on the idea the breathalysers were used at tempertures measurement and thermodynamic properties of fluids the against what manufactures recommended. Unacceptable temperatures for the simulator are less than 33.8° C (93 F) or more than 34.2° C (92 F). If you were tested with simular circumstances, these may be grounds your Attorney can capitalize on. Hope this answers your question!
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Mag Mag
you would plead not guilty, but usually at your arraignment you dont have to plead anything at all. you tell the judge you'd like to hire a lawyer and need time to do that. generally judges will always allow you time to find a lawyer. if you can't afford one, there is paperwork that you can fill out, generally available at the courthouse, and you can get one for very little, depending on your situation. and as far as not having a legit case, it doesn't really matter. there are a whole bunch of technicalities that could get you out of it. but since it's your first offense, you'll probably wind up making a deal where it will be continued without a finding or something, meaning that you pay court costs, maybe do some community service, lose you license for a month, and as long as you don't get in more trouble within a certain amount of time, you don't have to worry about it. however, in most states, it will still count as your first offense, should you have a second one, unless you are found not guilty in a jury trial or bench trial. good luck with everything.
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Kerrie Kerrie
Call the court and get an extension. Do it today. Make up any bullcrap excuse, and get an attorney. I believe that in VA, DUI or DWI is a criminal offense, and only a fool would represent himself. You may spend $3000.00 for that attorney, but if you take a look at what a DUI/DWI conviction does to you (it establishes a criminal record), its worth the money. I have a buddy who is still trying to get a pardon for a pot bust from 1974. He represented himself, was found guilty, suspended sentence, and paid a fine. Big deal, right? He's 60 years old now, and playing hell getting the ever increasing number of clearances necessary to operate a small business in Pennsylvania. He's a legitimate electrical contractor. PA just passed a law that all "home improvement" type businesses be licensed. I spoke to him last week, and he's got 3 years and nearly 10 grand invested in this program. He started this because he was refused the right to buy a firearm for home protection. Don't be a dummy. Get your extension on your trial date and get a lawyer. Yeah, I know, you can't afford 3 grand. Do whatever it takes to borrow the money. This could follow you around for life.
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Jacquelyn Jacquelyn
The importance of a minimum of speakme to an legal professional is that he/she is also capable to get it diminished to a 1st DUI and aid you hold your motive force's license. The D.A. will cut price with an legal professional--however now not with you. The legal professional is aware of how one can task the breath scan. Was the BAT computer calibrated correctly? Did they wait the right duration to time to take the BAT? Did they take it too quickly? Did they examine the BAT computer to peer that it learn 0 earlier than and after your scan? Did they've possible intent to give up you? An legal professional is also capable to hold you from a essential prison sentence by way of getting the fees diminished. Do you understand how to preserve circumstances within the wish the police workplace misses court docket? Do you understand what to do if the officer does not exhibit up? Those are a couple of motives off the highest of my head.
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Emely Emely
Well you could have taken the dui class before your court date, it will help you A LOT. but since you said the court date is in 2 days. Then yea, you should plea no contest. It means you neither admit or denies the charges. Usually they will give you a good plea bargain versus admitting the charges and receiving the full term.
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Christobel Christobel
You SHALL plead NOT GUILTY buddy! You are NOT guilty until proven GUILTY, REMEMBER THAT. If you want to represent yourself, it's risky, but not impossible, Get a cheap lawyer, and say that the test was flawed, and say that your rights were violated, like your right to a call to a friend, like your right to get water was violated, stick with the right to a call, that always works, Bri
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