How come the marines get compared to other branches special forces?

How come the marines get compared to other branches special forces? Topic: Action research writing skills
July 20, 2019 / By Allerick
Question: the marines are just a regular branch of the military so compare them to other branches regular forces! everyone forgets the marines have special forces too you morons! when people say who is better the marines or "any branch inserted here" an army guy will say oh the green berets or airborne and a navy guy would say the seals. so you mean to tell me you already know we are better than your regular forces so we have to be compared to your branches best Tyler apparently you took this offensively and i could give a s*** less. I guess your sticking up for the navy? and yes we are a department of the navy. THE MENS DEPARTMENT
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Taylor Taylor | 2 days ago
The Marines are the first to fight. The reason is simple, they are deployed around the world ready to go into action. They have their air wing with helicopters, V-22 Osprey, Harriers, F/A 18's, etc ready to go. They can be first in because they are already deployed. They have all the needed resources on hand. The Army can't respond like this. The Army does a great job at what they do. But, look at Desert Storm. It took them months to get in place. The Marines were on ships in the Persian Gulf offering a deterrence within days. You simply can't compare the two. The Army has much more firepower than the Marines because they have a different mission. The Marine Corps must be ready to go in with a lean force immediately. Even so, they have the world's most advanced helicopter in the Cobra (Viper) Zulu. It carries as much fireppower as the Apache and carries air-to-air missiles. The Army doesn't have a helo (or chopper in Army lingo) with air-to-air capability. The Army has no jet fighters, they have no vertical take off fighter and no vertical take off fixed-wing cargo or troop carrying fixed wing plane. As to the Army taking Fallujah, we should remember the Marines took Fallujah first with a coalition force. In April 2003 the 82nd Airborn took control. After the killing of 17 Iraqi civilians the citizens of Fallujah rioted against the US troops. The 82nd was replace by the 3rd Armored regiment of the Army. The Army had further problems in Fallujah which can be researched. In April 2004 the Marines were assigned the mission of finding those responsible for the deaths of 3 Blackwater employees in March. Typically, the Marines called a cease fire to allow humanitarian aid to be brought into the city. In May 2004 the Marines announced a ceasefire because of political pressure. Marine General Conway gave control of the city to the Fallujah Brigade of the Iraqi Army. In November, Iraqi Prime Minister authorized an offensive against Fallujah and Ramadi, another major town in al Anbar province. This is the second battle which the Army participated in. That is the condensed version and records the timeline. The Marines handed control of Fallujah over to Iraq months before the Army went in the second time. It was the Marines who went in to clean up the mess made by the Army after the Blackwater employees were killed. Now that we've cleared that up, we can move on to other examples of the Marines' training. First, they now have the crucible at the end of training. This was taken from SEALS training and has the same type problem solving. Someone noted that some Marines are Avionics technician. Well, Shazam, that was what I was. An avionics technician, after becoming a marine, goes to Infantry Training Battalion where they shoot every hand held weapong the Corps has such as machine guns, rocket launchers and throw live grenades, go through chemical warfare training, etc. If in a combat zone this avionics technician can be on air crew which requires a new set of training. Air crew fires machine guns, some go to SERE training, and all are trained in SAR, search and rescue. They have annual training to upgrade their water survival skills. This is a requirement. Some of us went to survival school in the Phillipines and received advanced knife fighting and hand-to-hand combat training. So, even an electronics technician receives advanced training. There's no comparison between the Army and Marines. I could keep going but I'm not trying to cover everything or write a book.
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>Stealing your ideas. Yet you are fine with stealing other peoples ideas and claiming them. Hmm. Try wiki'ing "Special Forces", spend 10 minutes there or better yet, get yourself a copy of "Jane's Special Forces Recognition Guide." If you can't find inspiration with either of those, do yourself a favor now, and give up writing. One of the more important things about writing is being able to research ideas.

Robynne Robynne
Most of the guys that were in both I've met said that they are about the same. Not much harder in either. The army goes 15 months on 12 off while the marines will do two 7 month depolyments in that time. But in peace time marines deploy alot more. You can bring up Rangers they are infantryman. In most US infantry units the leaders are mostly rangers from Platoon Sgt to Colonel and many of the junior enlisted as well. I judge people on an individual basis. Marines are proud of there heritage and what they have to do to become marines, but if they join the army they realize that army infantry have it just as hard.
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Moll Moll
I have no idea why, but the notion has been around forever. I trained Marines from the Navy bases on the tactical courses at Fort Lewis. They were not superior to the Army infantry personnel in any way, and in fact had less education, got less training and were allocated less resources and older equipment. Those who had been to RECON school were of better tactical quality and more capable in the field, on par with the Air Cav. Of course that was thirty years ago. I've also worked with Rangers, SEALS and Green Berets. I would say the primary difference between Rangers and the rest of the infantry units was in their access to better equipment and way more funding for ammunition, fuel and training time than Mech and Cav units were allocated. No doubt the SEALS were highly trained, conditioned, true elite soldiers who could innovate and operate with the easy confidence of someone who's done it over and over again till they could do it in their sleep with one arm lopped off. Those guys deserved their reputation. They were smart professionals who knew what to do individually and as part of a team in every circumstance, and I pity the onion-head hat wearing fool that gets on the wrong side of those gentlemen. The Green Berets I met had all been trained for guerilla and counter-insurgency ops. They were teachers, medics, diplomats, linguists, technicians, agriculture specialists, soldier and renaissance man in one package. You dismissed the Rangers as prima donnas, respected the SEALs, knowing they were just better soldiers than you were ever going to be. But you were in awe of the Green Berets. Even the younger ones seemed a hundred years old in experience and confidence, knowing they were just better at everything than you even thought men could be. Even the average height guys seemed nine feet tall like they were all sons of Hercules.
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Linnet Linnet
It is really hard to be Humble when you are Good as We Are... Both the Army Special Forces and the Navy Seals were just a WET DREAM in Kennedy's eye...and only started during the Vietnam War... The Marine Corps "RECON units were doing these types of Operations 100 years before they came along... With out all the Hype and BS... and with less equipment.
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Kalie Kalie
because the average marine, historically, has accomplished things that 'elite' units from other services couldnt, or stomped out the 'elite' units from opposing nations. the marines were doing things that 'elite' units consider their forte and pioneering the tactics and techniques they use long before any american unit considered itself so specialized. sf bubbas are a cut above, to be sure. but the marine has always been held to a higher standard than any other basic servicemember. there is a pride of belonging that NEVER leaves a marine. even if they hated their time and got out as soon as they could, they still walk away knowing that they hold a title that less than one per cent of the american population has.
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Any special ops units that focuses greatly on unarmed combat does it only because its doesn't require money for training facilities, fuel, or ammo. Good training isn't cheap. But it works out because in modern warfare, you don't fight unarmed, nor do you flip while throwing tomahawks or leap through fiery structures.

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