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Yahoo! Answers fans? Topic: Via research question ideas
July 20, 2019 / By Bridget
Question: What is the advantage to being someones fan? Whats the point? Can they see your profile even if its on private? Thanks and please be appropriate. Also what does this mean: Fans are people who have you as a Contact in their Network?
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Alfreda Alfreda | 5 days ago
I dont see the big idea of fans either. Nothing special you just see their picture under my fans. That means they click add you to their contacts and as soon as they add you to their contacts they become your fan. When someone adds you to their Contact list, that person is your Fan. The best way to grow your fan base is to ask, answer, and star really interesting questions. If you’d prefer not to have fans, you can opt out of this feature. To restrict people from adding you as a contact and becoming your fan: * Click the My Profile tab to go to My Profile. * Click the Edit My Info link under your profile information. * Scroll down to the Sharing section. * Click the checkbox next to Allow other users to be my Fan to remove the checkmark. * Preview the change to your setting. * Click OK to submit the new setting. Please note that if you opt out of this feature, all your existing fans will be removed at once and will not be accessible again. You will continue to be able to add other people as contacts and become their fan even if you restrict others from adding you as a contact and becoming your fan. Each time a person chooses to add you to their Contacts list, Answers will send you a notification email with a link to your latest Fan’s profile page. If you don’t want to receive these emails: * Click the My Profile tab to open your My Profile page. * Click Edit My Info. * Scroll down to the Sharing section, and click the checkbox next to Notify me via email when someone becomes my Fan to remove the checkmark. * Preview your setting change. * Click OK to submit the new setting. There are two aspects of the yahoo answers network, a contact and a fan. When you add a user as a contact, you become this user's fan. To add a user as a contact, simply hover over this user's avatar and select add as my contact on the roll out menu. You can add up to two hundred contacts. This person shall be alerted to the fact that you added them as a contact by email. When a user decides to add you as a contact, they become your fan, and such users can be seen under the 'my fans' category on your yahoo answers profile. Users can opt out of allowing fans from the yahoo answers privacy options under the ' edit my info' section of your yahoo answers profile. When you add a contact, or a user adds you as a contact, you shall share each others questions and answers, and it's a great way to follow each others activity. Further information on the network can be read at http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/answers...There are several benefits to the contacts/fans: 1. When you put someone you find interesting on your contact list, you can easily keep an eye on their questions and answers rather than always searching for them. If you've picked someone who asks great answers you love to answer, then it's easy to answer them. 2. If someone is your fan, then it makes it easy for them to answer your questions, so you get more answers, and the questions tend to stay up longer as the question gets passed around all your fans' contact networks. 3. If someone tends to like your answers and give you Best Answer a lot, then you can answer their questions easily. 4. It's just a nice way to stay in contact with friends. This question took me 20 whole minutes to research just for you so please choose me as best answer. (Zoe here next answer) just wrote crazy stuff like i learned my manners in prek bye bye.) I mean come on, that is baby stuff Thanks All the best ¢hεεrs
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Alfreda Originally Answered: What are the contacts and fans in Yahoo! Answers for?
When you add someone as a contact, you become that person's fan. Fans are people who have added YOU as a contact. You can add someone as a contact by rolling over their avatar or visiting their profile and clicking the ADD CONTACT link. Not all people allow this, though, to maintain privacy. Your fans get notified via their own Q&A profile when you ask, answer or star a question. They can also see your Q&A profile if it is privatized, if you have your privacy settings set to 'contacts and fans'. If you have your settings to 'contacts only', only your contacts can see your Q&A when viewing your profile. Basically, getting a fan is an affirmation that you did a good job. Sort of like a best answer, but on a higher scale. People will add you as a fan, usually, if they like your answers and want to keep you added for future reference. I add contacts (and thereby become a fan of theirs) if they are knowledgeable in a particular area, just in case I need future help. Some helpful links on contacts & the Answers network: http://help.yahoo.com/kb/index?locale=en... http://help.yahoo.com/kb/index?page=cont... http://help.yahoo.com/kb/index?page=cont...

Tylor Tylor
No i dont think they know you! Because they have so many fans and all. So they can not contact you. I not much of a Know it all but i think thier lives are sorta hectic and stressful. So i would not bother them. The reason people have fans is because there life would be so quiet and there would be no reason for them to sing on stage. because every one would be booing them.And throwing tomateoes atthem I hope this will help you! Please and thankyou! I learned my manners in prek! Bye Bye!!! Im leaving now!
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Ridley Ridley
no longer many now. my substantial account in simple terms have been given suspended right this moment :( i had almost 3 hundred followers. :( haha genius how are you going to declare you will no longer be able to have 3 hundred followers? you have got as many followers as you prefer. you could purely have 2 hundred contacts. wow. human beings do have extra beneficial than 3 hundred seem at tinkerbell.
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