Will my admission to Michigan State University be removed?

Will my admission to Michigan State University be removed? Topic: Writting an application letter to a university
July 20, 2019 / By Junior
Question: I am a high school senior in Michigan. I got admitted into Michigan State University right off the bat without being differed or wait-listed or anything. My GPA was a 3.36 and my ACT was a 29. I did fine the first semester of senior year, with two As and 4 Bs. but for third quarter i ended up having 2 C's a C- a C+ a B and a B+. I was wondering if these kind of grades could get my admission to the college removed. will someone please respond if they have any idea?
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Harrison Harrison | 3 days ago
Hi! This actually happened to me last summer. I submitted my application with a 3.8 average, and dropped down to a 3.6 cumulative after the second semester, because I had gotten an E and a D in 2 of my classes, when I was once a straight-A student. I got a letter from MSU threatening to rescind my application. I had to write a letter explaining why my grades had dropped so badly and went through another "waiting period" to see if I would get rejected or not. They do expect you to be consistent with your grades and if there is time, I recommend you try your best to average them out to all B's. However, being accepted at MSU means they really do want you there, so I doubt that they will altogether rescind your application. For instance, after I explained why I had done so badly (I basically had a terrible case of senioritis but I definitely did not write that in my letter!!) they responded by saying, while they were disappointed in my grades, I still had my acceptance to MSU but would be put on academic probation. That meant that I had to keep a 2.0 or higher for my first semester at MSU. Like I said, try your best to kick butt with your grades in the second semester. Good luck! Hope you become a fellow Spartan! :-)
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Eldridge Eldridge
There is an expectation that you will maintain eligibility through graduation. I've seen some temporary loop holes, but they are only temporary. It's understandable to have a bad quarter during your senior year. However, if you really want to be a Spartan, it'd be in your best interest to buckle down and finish off the year strong. That temporary loop hole? Depending on the college, they'll need your high school transcript after you've graduated. Some will let you start the Fall semester without it. But they may require it before you can register for classes for the Spring semester. If you failed in your last semester in school, you might just be screwed. My suggestion. Call the MSU admission office. Inform them you are an admitted applicant and ask to speak to an admission counselor, and ask if you can speak to him or her anonymously (Don't tell them who you are!). Tell them your situation, and ask what the outcome would be. They'll be honest, and they wont try to track you down either. They've got other things on their plate! Good luck.
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