Should I apply early decision to Cornell University or Johns Hopkins University?

Should I apply early decision to Cornell University or Johns Hopkins University? Topic: Johns hopkins university admissions essay
June 26, 2019 / By Kiarra
Question: The main consideration for me is whichever one I have a better chance of getting accepted. So which university is more selective? Also, what does each university place the most importance on when applying (application essay, grades, SATs, etc.)? I plan on doing the pre-med program at whichever university I attend.
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Best Answers: Should I apply early decision to Cornell University or Johns Hopkins University?

Jakki Jakki | 10 days ago
Just to give you some perspective on this year's U.S. News and Worlds Report ranks Hopkins at 13 and Cornell as 15. I don't remember Cornell overcoming Hopkins in this ranking but I am paying attention because this is one of several of my old schools. But either way, you have either one on your resume --and it will give you an edge. So I will also give you a piece of perspective. When I was applying for schools, they tell you to apply to your REACH, your likely and your safety. The week I was accepted to an IVY League school was the week one of my safety schools sent me a rejection letter. No kidding. Schools admission is unpredictable based on metrics only the schools admission deans knows. The best way to ensure acceptance is to begin a relationship with the school prior to applying. A reason I may have been rejected to an obvious lower ranked school when I had the credentials to get into an Ivy league may have been too many of my classmates used that school as as safety. Also I got into lets say Brown and the class salutatorian did not (we were the same race and gender) might have been due to other qualifications. Call both schools now and see if you can be assigned an adviser and you will have a better idea from them who will accept you.
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Jakki Originally Answered: If you apply early decision to one university, can you still apply early action (non-binding) to others?
First, you would know LONG before April if you were accepted at WUSTL under Early Decision. They mail out their decision letters by December 15. You can apply to as many other schools as you would like while WUSTL's decision is pending as long none of the other applications involve a binding decision. (Early Action normally is not binding.) If you are offered ED admission, then you would have to withdraw all other applications. The advantage of ED is hard to judge. You will certainly be competing within a smaller group of applicants. There may be a portion of their available scholarship funding that is earmarked specifically for ED candidates, so you will also have a shot at those funds which you would not have as a Regular Decision candidate. Overall, if you're completely committed to WUSTL and your credentials are already strong enough without help from your 4th-year grades (hey will probably not review any of your senior year work as part of the decision process, so your 3-year HS transcript will need to stand alone), it's probably a good idea for you.
Jakki Originally Answered: If you apply early decision to one university, can you still apply early action (non-binding) to others?
in hassle-free terms persist with early action on your dream college. i assume you realize early determination is legally binding, so in case you get universal early, you should attend that college. i could notably recommend in hassle-free terms persist with early action to a minimum of one college. artwork on purposes for different colleges yet do not positioned up them till you realize related to the early action application. That way, while you at the instant are not universal to the 1st college, you nevertheless have a lot of time to positioned up purposes to different colleges and make a determination. good success!

Enya Enya
Your grades and classes are impressive, as are your SAT ratings and AP exam ratings. Your extracurriculars are excellent, too. I'd say you could have a few eighty five% danger at Johns Hopkins; 80% risk at Dartmouth, Brown, and Penn; and a 60-70% risk at Cornell. Excellent good fortune! Keep up your fine work!
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Cimone Cimone
In the general sense Cornell is obviously more selective, but if you're applying to the IR program at JHU, then I'd suggest applying EA, but ONLY if you have exemplary stats. So, it really depends on what you plan to major in. If your ACT is 32 +, I'd apply ED to Cornell. But if it's below 32, I'd suggest retaking the ACT and applying to both Reg. Decision. Unless you're applying to the IR program and have an ACT of 30 +, I'd apply ED to JHU and retake the ACT to apply to Cornell Reg. D.
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Cimone Originally Answered: Johns Hopkins University?
Look into taking classes at a community college. You can take higher-level science/math courses, and they're usually fairly inexpensive. Plus, if you can't get into JHU the first time, you will have a start, you can go to another university and then try to transfer. Also, ask a counselor or teacher why your high school is unwilling to move you up; it may be something you can address and fix. **Edit: If your counselors/profs aren't willing to move you up to honors classes, see if you can take on some of the coursework anyways by speaking to individual teachers. If nothing else, it will help you in taking later/college level classes. And it may potentially prove to them that they should give you a chance at the higher level classes. But I still think trying for community college classes may be your best option.

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