How many of you women still like romantic guys?

How many of you women still like romantic guys? Topic: How to write a romantic poem for her
June 26, 2019 / By Cary
Question: I have the look of a tough dude, I may look tough as nails, but I can get overly sensitive at times. Yeah I get sentimental sometimes Heck to a woman if I could, I would hire a mariachi band so I could go to her house in the cold breeze of a quiet night and sing to her "cielito lindo" while she looks and gazes at me from the balcony of the 2nd floor. And tell her how much I want her and need her, how she is the flame that ignites my desires but sadly now hardly anybody likes stuff like singing songs and writing poems, and recieving hand drawn pictures, etc. I know women don't like it when we over use it. but niether do us men. Heck I dont even do that, but even when somebody does it occasionally they say "this dude has no life"
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Angellina Angellina | 5 days ago
i personally love romantic guys. i think that the reason you are feeling like this is that girl like to have a tough guy that will fight for them when some sleaze bag hits on them at a bar. But i guarantee that almost all women love men outside their window. it all depends on the woman. You should ask a girl when you first date her if she is into romance or not. the one thing you should know, is that girls love to feel safe, loved, protected, and special with the guy they are dating. And all those guys that say "this dude has no life" are the guys that will never be in love. Trust me. women love romance. you just have to use it at the right time with the right girl. Good luck with the ladies!!!
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Angellina Originally Answered: Question(s) for ladies and married women both? For married women who consider their husbands "romantic."?
1)I believe that romance comes from someones feelings to please another.Not that they are predisposed to do so or that they were very loved through their childhood.I think its the man's desire to swoon and impress their wife or girlfriend. 2)Im not sure about the research you refered to so im not going to give an opinion on that. 3)Yes i will always love my husbands romantic side always, it insures me that he is my soulmate and he loves me enough to continue through it all. 4)He loves when I romance him, we will go for an upscale dinner and i pay, unexpected gifts just to say i love him, and candles soft music and ..........who wouldnt love that sort of thing. that is my ideas of romance i know others will have a different view. 5)I love that he apprieates my romantic side , that we give and get.It is very pleasing. 6)NO regrets 7)NO manly, and i suppose you mean manly like not so romantic.My husband is 250lb of muscle, is a "bodyguard" in the navy and a police officer.Every one thinks he always looks mad but he is such a gentle giant.HEHE 8)Not at all, my husband is a major spoiler.He shows alot of his love through gifts (car, 3.5 diamond engagment ring, 50in flat) and affection to the point where i could loose my breath if i dont remind him that i need air. lol 9)NONONONO hope this helped never stop you romancing feelings when a woman can apprietae what she has its true love

Willoughby Willoughby
To be honest, I don't think I'm into things like that. I love gentlemen, the men that hold open doors and lend jackets when it's cold, but the balcony thing is just kind of awkward, and I think flowers or gifts on the first few dates is really needy. I mean, I think relationships should start real. If he isn't going to pay for every single meal, he shouldn't pay for the first few, because then you're getting to know a modified version of him, and not the real him and then you'll be dissapointed. I just like guys how they are, right from the start.
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Seir Seir
Are you kidding? This is the kind of man any woman would cherish! The people that say these things, you shouldn't care, if you want to be romantic and old fashioned and it is how you are then be it. You shouldn't be discouraged from doing something you want to, for the one you love, by others. You will find a woman who appreciates your romanticism and appreciates you for it. . Are these women or men who say this by the way?
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Neill Neill
maybe ur just with the wrong lady, cuz I WOULD LOVE THAT YOU CARE THAT MUCH ABOUT ME! just dont go crazy about things like a mariachi band cuz that might freak her out write her a song or write poems--that would workk with me and if u have ever heard of the book called Twilight by stephenie meyer, the main character (edward) is a vampire who is passionately romantic and sensitive--and he wins all the ladies (go read it! u'll like it and it'll give u great quotes to say and tips..quotes like "Watch over my heart..i've left it with you) ..i think a romantic is great , all u gotta do is be sensitive and understanding and have candle lit dinners, and dont b afraid to look her in the eyes and really speak ur feeligns & emotions
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Neill Originally Answered: Something romantic to do for my boyfriend? guys please help?
sex is whatever, you guys can do it anytime you want haha. I just answer a question like this earlier, here's some stuffs you might wanna think about. >Get a matching shirt. ex: My girlfriend gave me a Homer Simpsons shirt and she got herself Marge Simpsons. (Matching ring would be nice too!) >Buy him a watch, we love watch! It can be an expensive Swiss Army or even cheap refurbish Fossil watch because it's something we can brag about. Like "My babe got this for me." >Take a spontaneous picture, frame it, and write some inscription there. It can be a sweet poem or a chorus of a very sweet song you both love. This frame is nice. http://tinyurl.com/knc3ha Happy 2nd Year Anniversary guys, hopefully my ideas help :)

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