When do you assume you have enough material to write a book?

When do you assume you have enough material to write a book? Topic: How to write a great story plot
July 15, 2019 / By Teddy
Question: I don't think I have enough going on in this story I am writing enough to make a story. How can I be sure?
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Phelan Phelan | 4 days ago
To be honest, the time will come when you feel ready to start writing. Your plot should be polished up and you should start to get to know your characters like the back of your hand. If you need more help, find some inspiration that will kick start your story, like a person you know or have seen once, or a place you enjoy going to or means something to you, or even an object. Writers don't tend to plan too much because if they do, their stories keep attracting plot holes and their writing doesn't seem coherent or even have enough flow. My advice is to do enough planning, which means before you start writing a draft, spend at least half an hour thinking only about what you expect from the outcome of at least one chapter and ask yourself if you are ready to start that chapter now. Write down soem questions about your characters or even draw them out, along with some settings or events in the story, in order to really get a feel around what you will be describing and writing about when it comes to the time. Not enough planning could mean some plot holes in your story but every writer has times when they are genuinley stuck between scenes and don't know what to write next! You just need to spend some time getting new inspiration that could contribute to your awknoledgments at the end of the book. To eb honest, when I write, I let my words splash onto the page, always keeping in mind what planning I have done for that chapter or part, this way I won't have any expectations and whatever the outcome is, it'll be fresh and inspired. Writing consciously is the best way to get new ideas for the story. If you are worried about not having enough going on, whilst your thinking in bed or in the shower or having breakfast, just keep a small notepad beside you to jot down any random ideas that come to mind whilst looking at objects or people or events happening around your house. You have nothing to worry about, you'll do great; you'll know when to start, it'll come to you soon enough, I assure you. (: GOOD LUCK! :D
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Lysander Lysander
To be honest it's not like everyone says, all you need to know is whats the beginning of the story. Location, event, main char, and personality. It's more about your ability to write than planning the story. As you write the story will come to you. you know how when your reading a book, and your thinking "don't open that door", "or he should do this" well now you can decide what happens. Just start writing and don't over think about if your ready.
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Jeffry Jeffry
It depends on the subject. If you're writing something based on a person or real events then you want to do thorough research on your subject before starting, and be sure you're covering the important and relevant details of the story. If all you're doing is writing a fictional story, then it's up to you how much information is relevant to the story you're trying to tell. It's a good idea to have some concept of story structure before you decide to write something on a serious basis.
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Garrett Garrett
If the story is complete, then write it. If there are holes in the storyline, you don't have enough. Just write. Stop when it is finished and then do your rewrites. Don't worry about word count.
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Deven Deven
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