Is this inappropriate or just a sign of the times? Married man chats and texts a lot w/ another married woman?

Is this inappropriate or just a sign of the times? Married man chats and texts a lot w/ another married woman? Topic: Another way to start a conclusion
June 26, 2019 / By Ted
Question: I'm married and go to school with several married classmates. There's a married man in my class named Steve. Steve tends to text me a lot regarding misc. things - usually benign topics, about school what not. And we both get on AIM and chat a lot. There's no flirting, but it kind of made me raise my eyebrow. I'm used to being on chat a lot....I'm a big computer nerd, so it is not unlike me to NOT be logged in. I just assume it was the same way with Steve. One night, me and some classmates (including Steve) went to the bar to celebrate a birthday. Steve brought his wife, and seemed pretty cuddly with her. But then me and a few other people left that bar to go to another one. After I left, Steve started texting me. Isn't it weird that he would be texting another woman he JUST saw, especially when he's with his wife? Even if what he was saying wasn't anything obviously flirtacious? I think he just said something like "Have fun at the bar blah blah"....he was probably a little tipsy too. Or am I just being an old fart and is it just the thing now a days to be texting all the time? Steve also made mention that he "loves tall hot chicks"....I happen to be pretty tall. Of course "hot" is up for discussion, but I just feel like I'm getting vibes.... Opinions?? I'm not trying to lead this man on...as I've said, I'm on the computer a lot, I talk to a lot of people. But I wondered if he had motives.
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Pharaoh Pharaoh | 3 days ago
He might be very sociable but a part of me is a bit suspicious. You don't sound like an old f*** to me (I'm 48, and I'm an old f***) LOL Trust your feelings but try not to jump to conclusions... yet.
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Pharaoh Originally Answered: How can an late 50s married man best find a local married woman for intimacy missing in life?
I think your predicament must be shared by a great many of us older men, and probably by near the majority of married women--to hear them tell it. Intimacy must be one of the hardest things there is to maintain in marriage; although what is written and trumpeted about it, intimacy is the only thing left as we age in marriage. But intimacy (physical conjoining) and companionship or closeness aren't the same thing. Finding someone else who will not upset the apple cart at home to supply that intimacy could be near impossible. Weighing the costs it must be considered highly risky. I have a marriage that has not yielded true intimacy for at least three years, out of 17 years of marriage. I can't say that the first 14 years were extremely intimate ones, but a change took place three years ago after my wife had cancer surgery. After six months for her recuperation, she seemed not to have much desire, and I lost interest in trying to make intimacy special, as I had before, and I stopped providing the creative ways I had employed to be romantic or add excitement. I kind of gave up, as it became less and less satisfying for me. I entertained finding a mistress, just as you are doing. I sought someone through the internet clubs, but found few women, most in their 40s and early 50s, interested in a man in his early 60s. Finally, I connected with an exciting woman in her late 40s who, as did I at the time, only wanted an erotic email exchange. It became quite intense and very erotic, as we both had a talent for writing sexually explicit material. But it was also an afffectionate exchange of email and special e-greeting cards, plus we sent graphics and photos of various kinds. I was actually falling in love with her, and I think she too was feeling something and maybe sensed that my desire to meet her was growing. We lived close enough so it wasn't impossible to meet. However, when she told me she was changing her ISP and buying a new computer, and that she would be in touch once she was online again, I never heard from her after that. All I can say is, although my experience on-line with a cyber relationship did not end totally satisfactorily, it was a very enjoyable, heady and fulfilling thing, as close to intimacy as you can get virtually, and just about as close, and better, than I'd been having with my wife. So, you might think of this as a way to go without actually having a physcical affair with a woman who herself is married, which only complicates things while trying to not complicate them. Some will still consider this to be infidelity. It is a matter of definition, possibly, or of intent. Yet, it if keeps you from being unfaithful in physical fact, I do not think of it as infidelity.

Lynton Lynton
Old fart? I guess that makes us two into this. Ahh! Welcome to the age of computers, Ipods, cell phones, texting and chatting. I think people in general are curious about all sorts of things and all sorts of possiblities here and there and beyond, as in like one thing leads to another or just go with the flow of things. You either keep up with technology or be lost in the crowd of things. Me I used the computer in general and the internet because I use this for my work job. I fix or repair electronic machines in my work place and I get all the information from the internet and sometimes I get distracted by beautiful married women with beautiful profiles. I read all the beautiful women's profiles all over the place and just wonder about it. Its just for fun and curiousity, as in curiousity kill the cat. I ask myself a hundred times. Why didn't they have all this high tech gadgets when I was a teenager back then? My life would of been so different. I probably would of met my wife on myspace or facebook or something else. Instead I met her in the old fashion way of things-in person. Anyways, you give any married man an inch and he will be on top of you in a heartbeat. I have ran into a lot of sweet invitations as in like "do you know how to install a ceiling fan?", or "do you know how to fix air conditioning systems?" or "can you fix my leaking faucet?".
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Jeffrey Jeffrey
Weird I'd say. Especially as he's texting you when he's out with his wife! And you're obviously not comfortable with it, so don't let it carry on. Can you talk to him about it (face-to-face) and explain that whilst you're happy to talk to him now and again, you'd like him to back off. If not, block him, or ignore his messages. He'll get the point.
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Garret Garret
yes he has motives... everything you do is for a reason. now some people might not act but it all begins in the mind. you think its nothing then all of a sudden it turns in to something. flip the script .. would you life for a lady to be talking to your husband constantly all the time. that shows you how disrespectful he is. and let me guess he just needs somebody to talk to... tovent to.. his wife don't understand him right? girl leave that man alone
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