What do YOU people think of the garbage that is on TV nowadays?

What do YOU people think of the garbage that is on TV nowadays? Topic: Love the sister reality show
July 16, 2019 / By Abbie
Question: Because there are some horrible, low class, poor quality, shows on TV these days and times. It is not what is used to be, especially from the shows we would watch back in the 1980's. I remember when we would look at great action shows, like Night Rider, Dukes Of Hazzard, Fall Guy, The A Team, all that good stuff. And the cartoons were good too. Like Transformers, GI Joe, Thundercats, He Man.......... The list goes on. But what do you think about what they are showing now ? These reality shows, are pathetic. So You Think You Can Dance, Big Brother, Uh, the one where they are bouncing off of red balls and falling in the water. I mean this stuff is truly anal. Gimme a break. The cartoons suck too...... What do you think people ? Are you tired of this new, non stimulating crap that they show on the air now. The most interesting show on nowadays is cable news...........LOL Action, drama, comedy, sports, reality shows. There are only a few good ones out there. I like dark comedy drama. Like Nip Tuck, and Leverage. Sophisticated dialogue with something that makes one think............ Alpha. VH-1 has some good reality shows. If you are into crap like Flavor Of Love, and I Love New York. People watch them because it is raw, unscripted, and to the point. And it makes our life look good, when you see how miserable rich people can be. Ha, ha, ha...... Trevor. Easy with the Anti America rhetoric. After all, you do speak English, and we do too. Ooot. MTV has some ok reality shows. They are the ones who started this stuff. And everybody else finally caught on to it. I used to watch The Hills, well there was a certain girl on there I liked. Ha, ha. Anyway, The Real World is a good reality show, when it is at its best. But since 2002, it has not been all that great. The new kids now, are just plain boring......... C. You are right. Shows like Bachelorette, Bachelor, Survivor......... Those shows were ok in the beginning, now they have lost their creative edge, and it is repetitive. They have been on for a long time, almost 12 years now. Big Brother has been on for 10 years. But they need to go back to the basics and stick with edgy reality tv. Something dynamic and has mass apeal. And better storylines too. A great cast can make or break a show. Get rid of the corny ones, and keep the snobby, catty, vindictive, voracious, bitchy, crowds. They are the best............ Lynn. Please. I watch Law And Order, and that show came from that generation. Those were the days when the ratings would be like 20 million a night. Mash and Dallas pulled in over 80 million people on special episodes. So now it is not that they pandered to the lowest levels. That is why they are called classics. People loved them then, and they love them now. I dont think that 20 years from now we will be desperately craving the shows you see today. today Iceman. Oh I hate "American Idol". That is the worse one. It is so gay. I mean it was ok when it first came out. Now it is predictable, generic, dull, and the talents they have on now are pure amateurs. They can only get a record deal just because they were on Idol, which is just ridiculous. None talent roster. No more Fantasia, no more Kelly Clarkson. No Carrie Underwood. It is all downhill now...........LOL
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Stacy Stacy | 10 days ago
I totally agree...almost all of the network shows suck these days. With the exception of House and The Office. Most of the good shows are HBO or Showtime shows. Im an 80s child too and I love every show you listed from back then. I also loved the "girl" shows like She-Ra, Care Bears, Gem...you might have seen them if you had a sister. :)
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Othniel Othniel
Well, there is a REASON why I own a tv set that does not pick up ANY broadcast stations and I only use it for watching an occasional video or DVD! However, I am less than impressed with the shows whose loss you were lamenting, too. I liked, "NUMBERS", "PROVIDENCE", the middle 3 "STAR TREK" series (but not the first one or the last one), "THE EQUALIZER", "CHECKMATE", the best of them ALL, though, was "BABYLON 5"! Above all else, however, I hate that they replaced the late show movies, after the nighttime news, with all those stupid talk shows! I used to look forward to the late movies every night!
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Lesley Lesley
I completely agree with that. I only watch the news now, I rather be depressed watching that than angry and frustrated watching that other crap. They took off the good shows for crap like bachelorette. Really, she could have went on the internet and found the same crap and the rest of those who don't want to hear about would not have to be subjected to it; and for cartoons, let's not get started. The most excellent cartoons that used to come on "back in the day" have been replaced with mess like veggie tales, or that weird cartoon with those sushi animal things (I don't know what in the world they are) but come on!!! TV has gotten worse. I am at the point where I either will watch on ly dvds or no tv at all.
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Jamie Jamie
REALITY TV is what killed American televison habits. At first it started ok, shows like IDOL and survivor were not great but not utter garbage. Nowadays, people, mostly women, will watch any damn reality show on TV. And most of them are pathetic boring pieces of crap. Honeslty they could make a show about people clipping their toenails, and as long as they threw in an argument or two, women would love it. The only thing I watch on Tv is sports and news. And a couple of sitcoms like 2 and half men and family guy. Hell at least they are funny. It wasnt long ago when we had Seinfeld, Frasier, Friends, Raymond, Married with Children and other good sitcoms all on at the same time.
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France France
You think Night Rider, The A Team, and Dukes of Hazzard are GOOD TV shows? No. You might have enjoyed them because you were growing up when they first aired, but they are basically junk shows. They pandered to the lowest common denominator then, as the shows you're complaining about pander to the lowest common denominator now. I very, very watch ANY TV at all. I sometimes watch Law and Order, or one of the L&O spinoffs. Occasionally I'll watch something like How It's Made, but that's not a fictional show. Sturgeon's Law applies to TV shows as much as anything else.
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Dax Dax
I think that's just what people always say when they get older. I'm 22 and TV was different when I grew up, but a lot of things are different. My grandfather used to get offended by the Simpsons a lot, and I think that's pretty tame. Imagine if he ever saw one of those VH1 "of love" shows? LOL I don't hate TV as a whole b/c there are a lot of trashy shows, I just don't watch them. But I have to admit, if it wasn't for SHO, HBO and the educational channels, I probably wouldn't have cable.
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Barnaby Barnaby
I don't watch it so it's hard to have an informed opinion. Based on what I've heard/snippets I've unfortunately come across, it's awful! I'm not a fan of reality TV, or many shows at the moment.
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Yiesha Yiesha
I never liked reality shows from their very inception. It makes me think writers have gotten lazy, or everyone of them got permanent writer's block at the same time. Reality shows are the SUV's of programming -- ubiquitous, over-rated, and boorish. I don't watch much television anyway, and I avoid TV news now too, because of the partisanship.
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Shebah Shebah
Well, I am in the UK and its the same over here, TV is absolute trash. I can go for days without turning it on. Once in a while something decent will come on, but not very often. I actually prefer the radio, or better still, a good book. OR even better still, coming onto Y/A to answer YOUR questions!
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Shebah Originally Answered: What are people manipulated by in nowadays?
Your opinion is never entirely your own. You are always influenced by outside opinion, fact, etc. I would say the two biggest factors are advertisers and the Media. Advertisers are not your friends, it is there job to make you want to take a laxative when you're not constipated (Yum, chocolately). Much like defense attorney's, they aren't required to know if what they represent is good, simply to make it look good. They have invested billions of dollars and figureing out how you think, shop and live. Do you really need a chia pet? Seriously, but millions of people buy them for absolutely no reason. The media. Find yourself a news source that doesn't spin stuff. It's all abotu word choice. Take the case of the young teen who was abducted recently - Zoey Zane. I don't even know her real name, but I know the case. At first, it was "another victim of our rampant society" then it was "An internet porn star victimized by her trade". IN fact there are several facts that you won't glean from these stories, that you won't understand. First, Our society isn't rampant with crime. You are much more likely to be hit in the forehead by a meteorite then to be abducted by a stranger. But we see it on TV and assume that at every second of every day, random teenagers are taken from street corners in every American City. It's worse if your outside the US. Also, no one knows why Zoey was abducted. They are just imagining that it is the Internet site. Maybe she had an abusive boyfriend, or some random sicko met her on the street having no idea who she was. We just don't know yet, however, there is already all kinds of wild speculation which may or may not be born out by the facts. However, ask yourself - have you already made up your mind? Have you been manipulated? These are the most prevailent forms of manipulation, but only because they are the ones we come into contact with. There is also the indoctrination of family, friends, government, society - It's tough to have your own opinion. And often when you do, the ATF will surround your home and call you a cult, like they did at Ruby Ridge. Sorry, it's the Libertarian in me. :)

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