Can you help a pediatric cancer patient?

Can you help a pediatric cancer patient? Topic: How to write a sick note for my child
July 16, 2019 / By Headley
Question: I can't believe what I just read on CNN about the young lady (Leanna Elizalde) and the fact that her high school is not willing to acknowledge her accomplishments toward graduation. SHAME ON THEM!! Can you help change their minds? I've provided a link to the school and I've called and left a message from TEXAS, can you do the same? Being ill, especially with CANCER is terrible, not being allowed to walk because you are a credit short is HORRIBLE. The link to cnn is here: http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/us/2008/06/04/cancer.ctudent.graduation.kxtv The link to Woodland High is here: http://www.whs.wjusd.k12.ca.us/ I'm a parent of a child who has been on chemotheraphy (for JRA) and it made her sick as can be. I can't imagine what Leanna went through with having to take chemotherapy at much higher doses for her cancer. Leanna Congratulations on being a 2008 graduate. May God Bless you and I wish you the best in your struggle with cancer and in your future. I've e-mailed CNN in hopes that they will put a "VOTE" or link at their site. Thanks to everyone so far. I hope this helps Leanna get the acknowledgement she deserves. If you notice I did not say that they should just give her her diploma her being a class short. I SAID ACKNOWLEDGE her ACCOMPLISHMENTS TOWARD GRADUATION. Why not make an honorary diploma and state that it is honorary because she CAN NOT receive her Diploma just yet, but that she will receive it in the summer when she finishes. She couragesly is battling cancer, picking up one credit when she can focus on just the one class and her health--her LIFE,...I'm sure she can and will be able to do it. I'm on her side. I am resolving this question, because the Woodland Principal Evelia Genera has allowed Leanna to "sit" in on graduation. I am really happy about this and I hope that Leanna has a wonderful time at her graduation ceremony. I wish her the best in her cancer struggle and in summer school. THANK-YOU for coming around and realizing how important this is for Leanna, recontinued struggle and her spirit, that sometimes rules have to be "worked around" for the benefit of all, and that human compassion is something we sometimes overlook, but that others can nudge us back there. Thanks to all the Interneters who blogged and posted etc. and all those who voiced their support in other ways as well. Finally, Thank-you Ms. Genera,..You really did do the right thing.
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Elijah Elijah | 10 days ago
I have wrote to the school principle in protest of this tyrannical action. I hope she does get better. On a side note, Lance Armstrong had similar issues graduating from his high school.
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My son's school had each student create a folded paper crane - to make up one thousand paper cranes. They were than strung together to create a colorful chain and hung along the wall in his room. The paper cranes are a symbol for a wish for world peace from a young Japanese girl who died from leukemia caused by the atomic fallout from Hiroshima. She had heard that according to Japanese legend, if you folded a thousand paper cranes for someone who was sick, they would be well again. Unfortunately she died before she could finish her project, but her friends and classmates continued her project. There is now a memorial for her in a peace park in Hiroshima. Since that time many children with leukemia have received paper cranes in the hopes of being well again. Children also make the cranes and send them to the peace park in honor of Sadako, the young girl who died. Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/A302202 You can write your wish on the last paper crane and also share the book, Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes with your uncle. The gift of a thousand paper cranes symbolizes caring, devotion, and love.
Elijah Originally Answered: Help! Cute idea for cancer patient?
get a small photogragh book and fill it with there favorite pictures and friends. people like going down memory lane especially when they are sick it really helps them.

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You should be trying your best to keep him up-beat, and remind him of all the things he still has. He still is alive, he still can function (besides going to work). My mom couldn't eat anything, couldn't walk, couldn't talk, couldn't do anything, she couldn't even take pills before she died from NSCLC. Though, sometimes talking about the reality of the situation helps everyone out, especially him. You might want to talk to your oncologist or a social worker at his treatment center, and see if you all can sit down and have a discussion about all the what-ifs. I regret not doing it when I had the chance, I'd probably be in a better place now.
Elijah Originally Answered: How to deal with an advanced lung cancer patient?
What if try to neglect the case for some time. Try to have an Outing... Like Fishing, Camping, hiking or anything that's fit his interest... Then there Open-up things in Life; anything that will make a Honest Communications... It sounds a little Scripted if I will tell every details but Somehow the Thought is there... Godbless the both of you... I Hope it would help.
Elijah Originally Answered: How to deal with an advanced lung cancer patient?
What ever your doing, keep it up! it will help him feel better knowing there's somebody there for him.

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