What is wrong with Yahoo Answers staff?

What is wrong with Yahoo Answers staff? Topic: What is review
July 20, 2019 / By Rowan
Question: I posted a question. It got deleted. I have no idea why. I appealed the decision. I received an email from Yahoo Answers stating the following: "In order to review your appeal it is necessary that you provide us with additional information. Please reply to this email including the Yahoo! ID you are using in Yahoo! Answers and the violation reason specified in the notification email. Please also paste in the specific post that has been deleted, and let us know why you think we need to review it again." It is IMPOSSIBLE for me to paste the specific post that was deleted because I have no access to it since it has been deleted. I replied to them explaining this and received another email from them stating the same request as above word for word. What is going on here?
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Nan Nan | 7 days ago
I'm not sure why you're blaming Yahoo! Answers staff. If you received a violation notice... the question that was deleted would be in that violation notice email. If you had put what the question was here (you should certainly know what it was, or copy it from the violation notice email), someone here could probably tell you what the violation was. If you didn't put your actual question in the field provided for the question (done correctly here), it may not have appeared in the violation notice email. Even so, you should have a pretty good idea what it was. Use the edit feature here to provide that information. You may find it was a violation, and you wouldn't have to appeal. All appeals are reviewed, so appeals are won. But if it's still found to be a violation, appealing and losing could cost you more points.
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Nan Originally Answered: What is wrong with Yahoo Answers?
I do agree and yes I sometimes wondering why certain questions are asked and many tlimes I want to answer by telling them not to ask such stupid questions and just google for it. But then, I ask myself, why am I reading all those questions and why do I answer questions. Not for the 2 points per question or the 10 points for best answer. It is just fun to be able to help people with their problems. What is a problem for one, is common knowledge for others. When Yahoo answers becomes a site where only intellegent questions can be asked it will loose its purpose I think. Ask stupid questions, ask questions you can find by googling. Because you can ask this kind of questions, I go back to Yahoo Answers every day and several times. I enjoy it and I am sure many others do to.

Lorene Lorene
What staff??? That deleting system is automated. And usually the deletions are caused by trolls. The system can't tell if someone is lyin or not. But usually they will send u an email with the deleted content in it. U can copy and paste from there. Don't expect results from the first appeal tho. I think at least the first appeal is also automated. Appeal again and u might get a real person to read it.
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Katelin Katelin
I dunnno =/ It happened to me once.I got suspended from something I didn't [email protected][email protected] The YA staff just gives you a warning,I wouldn't worry.
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Hebe Hebe
They're just smelly. Just joking, Yahoo Answers staff. I am sure they are 'extremely busy' and made a 'mistake'
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Dottie Dottie
there is noting wrondg with them chum...... somthing wronge with u if u ask any Qs ur pointd will shrink and if u supply any aAns ur factors will strengthen its...........basically the ultimate
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Dottie Originally Answered: "A Librarian's Worst Nightmare Yahoo! Answers, where 120 million users can be wrong.": True?
True but not totally true. There are many smart members on here that do a great job giving the correct information with resource to back them up. I learned years ago that you can't believe all website information that they give out. In fact I have run across some that are out and out bogus. Like all things in life your need to do your own research and not take someones word on it especially if it very important. There are many sites like the "Mayo Clinic" that I trust...but I still double check. PS. If you look back at old questions you will see a few years ago members put a lot more effort into their questions and answers.

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