Editorial on supporting abortion.I need some facts supporting abortion.PLEASE HELP?

Editorial on supporting abortion.I need some facts supporting abortion.PLEASE HELP? Topic: How to write an editorial example
June 17, 2019 / By Hadwin
Question: Im writing an editorial on Supporting abortion completely I have some facts but I don't know who to start it please help
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Best Answers: Editorial on supporting abortion.I need some facts supporting abortion.PLEASE HELP?

Earle Earle | 7 days ago
Denying a woman the choice to do as "she" see's fit to do with her own body is a violation of her civil rights. The government / laws decided long ago that a fetus that has not drawn it's first breath of air outside the body is "NOT" a human being and has no rights. EXAMPLE : a pregnant woman is attacked and beaten causing the fetus to die.....the attacker is not charged with murder......even if the fetus was was in it's last stages of development....The attacker is only chargeable with simple assault by today's laws..... So if the laws of our great country do not recognize the fetus as a living human with full rights then how can they intervene saying that you are murdering a child if you have an abortion?????? Many woman have lost their fetuses from being beaten by abusive spouses. Not one of those men were EVER charged with murder in this country......not one !!! If carrying the fetus to full term endangers the life of the mother then it should always be the mother who makes the choice as to carry to full term or not. It is her body. Her life at stake. So, it should be her choice at weather she carries it to full term or not. If the mother is a drug addict and current user during pregnancy she can be charged with "child endangerment" if her blood tests verify she is using drugs during pregnancy. Social services will remove the child from her custody at the moment of birth. She looses all parental rights and this was decided before the infant was born....before it drew it's first breath....before it had rights.... The laws are very confusing and seem to fluctuate dramatically to fit the moment. A man can beat a fetus to death while it is still in the womb and only be charged with assault to the mother..... A drug addict (woman only) can be charged with drugging a fetus and be punished (after) the birth (after the infants first breath) for the drug addiction that occurred during pregnancy.... AND YET.....a man who beats a woman causing the fetus to die will NOT be charged with murder AND if the fetus survives with sever trauma from the beating , such as mental retardation the man STILL is not charged with assaulting the fetus...... Now what gives here ????? confusing huh?......Woman are equal ? then why can't "WE" the woman decide whether our fetuses have rights ??? I am a woman who (25 years ago) was beaten so badly that my unborn child was killed. My ex walked away with simple charges of assault towards me only......I was devastated.....this would have been my 2nd child......and it had no rights and I had no rights to decide if it had rights..... If I cannot decide whether my own body has rights or what my body produces and creates,,,,then I have no rights at all....... This happened in Austin , Texas, 25 years ago.......and similar fetus murders happen every day across this great nation even now..... I did not choose to abort my fetus , the choice was taken from me to even carry it to full term..... Woman and fetuses have no rights. I believe that the rights of the human being (the woman herself)should have the say so over their own body and what ever their body is creating.....Since during pregnancy the fetus IS a part of her...then she should be able to decide wheather to abort or not.....and if she decides to abort how can she be looked at as a murderer when a man can beat the child from her body (killing it)and walk away scott free ???? We are not equal. end of subject.
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