I'm In Love With 2 Men.? Lots of Answers PLEASE! (Adult Answers Please)?

I'm In Love With 2 Men.? Lots of Answers PLEASE! (Adult Answers Please)? Topic: How to write a cuddling scene
June 17, 2019 / By Aretha
Question: I don't want to be with my ex. I want to know how to get over him. I want to be with my fiance and stop having feelings for my ex. My fiance and I have known each other for about 20 years and we have been together now for just over 3 years. My ex-boyfriend and I met in high school (he was friends with my brother and my brother introduced me to all of his friends when I started as a freshman - they were seniors). So I had a crush on my ex from 9th grade. I had relationships throughout high school and after but I always still had a crush for the next 8 years. Well, eventually (so unexpectedly) we wound up dating and had a really whirl-wind, fantasy romance. In 3 weeks we had fallen in love. He was my first love. Btw, he's about 4 years older then me and he was 25, I was 22 when we started dating - now he's 32, I'm 28. We stayed together for the next 3 and 1/2 years. It's important to mention that he had a 6 month old when we started dating and I had to adjust and accept that because he had hidden it from me initially. But I learned to love his son. During that time we planned to get married and how we'd progress into the future. I got pregnant but lost the baby. Funny how that occurred right around the time I was the most stressed in our relationship. About 2 years in he started becoming distant but then coming back stronger than when he distanced himself. We'd still talk often and things and even be around each other a lot but he would be emotionally distant. His dad would always be trying to influence him to be more of a player while his mom (who raised him alone for the first 17 years of his life) was the opposite. His father said, if you aren't married - you're free. I ended up writing and mailing his dad a long letter about how important my ex was to me and how much I loved him. That I never wanted to offend him (the father) and really wanted to make his son happy. His dad seemed receptive the next time he saw me - he actually seemed embarrassed of himself and shyed away from me from then on. Eventually, however, my ex ended up going on a date with one of his colleagues while I was out of town with some friends. This woman new me well and did it in spite of me. I stayed with him for another year and a half because I really thought he was the man for me and I believed I could get over it but I just couldn't regain the trust. He apologized, cried and changed some of his behaviors but just not enough to really make a difference. We couldn't get that "magic" back. It's weird because some of the things we shared I don't think I could have again but they were amazing things. I was a virgin until I was 20 and I was really waiting for marriage but for him and I the "I love you" came well before any serious physical intimacy. It was many months later. Almost every night we would take a drive to this quiet place and just sit and stare into each other's eyes for literally and hour or two. Like speaking without words. We'd have these fabulous dates at beautiful restaurants and then go to the beach and lay and talk for hours. A few times we'd get caught in the rain and it was like a movie scene - cuddled up in the lifeguard tower or running in the rain (to a dry place). We have so many memories like that. And now it's 7 years later and he's divorced after 6 months of marriage and he's been pursuing me for the past 2 years. Telling me how he never stopped loving me and his marriage was a mistake. Offering me all the things he should have 4 years ago. Wanting to be the man I want and need now. I was shy and quiet then - after being with him I'm not so shy anymore - I feel like being shy got me what it got me so now I am more determined and vocal about my needs. For him, that was the quality I was missing that makes me perfect. I know that I am different now - not so agreeable to everything like I was before. And that excites him. I had stopped talking to him but then I thought no big deal and started back a little more. Meanwhile my fiancé is the most amazing man I've ever met and I love him to pieces. I dream about when we'll be married and having his children. I can't imagine my life without him. He is ALL the things that I need and want and he treats me exactly how I want to be treated. He's honorable because of his upbringing and that's not a quality you see everyday. And he never gets bored of me. He just truly loves me. It's been over 3 years and we are still pretty much the way we were in the beginning. Still really in love. And because of hardship we have lived together for 2 years, see each other everyday and still rush home to each other. I love that. Now I find myself thinking heavily about my ex and texting back and forth with him. Even though I have avoided him for several months now I feel the urge to be with him again - not in any major way - but to spend time with him. I have some longing for him that I hate because I feel disloyal to my fiance. I dream about him and I know that the love I feel will never go away. He was my first love and so many memories are wonderful memories. Like fantasies that became
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Zak Zak | 3 days ago
i think of you would be making a extensive mistake via leaving your fiance. the different guy would not deserve your believe or time. All of those issues you felt for him are interior the previous, and the undeniable fact that he went on a date with somebody else once you have been mutually... human beings do no longer exchange. he's a guy and that they'll say something that they comprehend you want to hearken to to get you decrease back. that's extremely disrespectful on your fiance which you would be speaking with your ex. you're in love with him now, you're no longer in love with the different guy. you like the assumption of what you used to have, however the certainty is which you do not have that anymore. previous love emotions are intense and not exchange, yet he twisted up, and that's decision that he made, and could could stay with for something of his existence.
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