Why is marijuana illegal?

Why is marijuana illegal? Topic: Newspaper articles on drugs
June 26, 2019 / By Alden
Question: It does less damage to the body than alcohol and has actually been proven to shrink tumors. Why would alcohol be legal and weed isnt? Why is it that society today sees weed as a "drug" and as "bad" even though some of the most succesful people smoke it and it does no harm to the body?
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Sydnie Sydnie | 10 days ago
It's kind of a long story. Are you sitting comfortably? Back at the beginning of the 20th century we began the Progressive Era. In those days, you could walk into any drugstore and buy morphine, cocaine, opium, etc. just over the counter. Makers of patent medicines were not required to list the ingredients on the label, so many cough remedies, pain killers, etc. had narcotics in them, even 'soothing syrup' to quiet a fussy baby. Of course these medicines worked pretty well, so people would buy them again. Addiction got to be a problem. Plus we still had many Civil War vets who had been addicted since their war injuries 40 years ago. So the govt. decided it was time to start regulating drugs. Just 'narcotics'. And most people thought it was a good idea at the time (and most still do!) Well you know how it is with things like this. Anything worth doing is worth overdoing. This trend led eventually to Prohibition, which was definitely a failure. Then came the 30s. Marijuana was seen as something used mostly by blacks and Mexicans. J Edgar Hoover was interested in increasing his own importance and that of the new govt. agency, the FBI, now that prohibition was over. And William Randolph Hearst, the richest and most influential man in the whole world at the time, owned forests to grow paper for his chain of newspapers. He didn't want competition from hemp, which can grow 8 times as much paper per acre as trees! So he began publishing lurid articles about pot, people smoking it and then going on rampages, sex and violence and 'jungle music'. It was Hearst who chose to call it 'marijuana', to make it sound more foreign. There were even some lurid movies made like Reefer Madness and 'Marijuana, the Weed with Roots in Hell' that were mostly bullsh*t but got people all excited. So marijuana was banned. So nowadays there are many reasons pot hasn't been re-legalized even though we know now how harmless it is. For one thing, the govt. uses the 'War on Drugs' to increase the power of police and prosecutors. And that's mostly about pot. The War on Drugs allowed cops, for the first time, to break down doors, to arrest and question people without probable cause, to summarily confiscate money, jewelry, cars, even houses, with no due process, etc. This was its real purpose all along--to erode the protections of the Bill of Rights. The War on Terror can be seen as just a follow-on. For another thing, no politician wants to be seen as 'soft on drugs', instead they have to compete with one another to be 'tough on drugs'. So they repeat all the lies about pot being a communist plot to destroy our youth, how pot is a 'gateway drug', how it's addictive, how it destroys a person's motivation and makes them fat and lazy and stupid and unproductive. If you want to lead people, to get them to follow you, vote for you, send them money, it always helps to have some serious threat to warn them of, terrible things that will happen if you don't get elected. Many cities across the US have announced that they're not going to waste their scarce law enforcement resources chasing casual pot users. Several states now have allowed pot for medical use--and it's interesting to note that most of these were done by initiative, by the voters, not 'leaders'. MOST reforms in the US come from the bottom up, not the top down. For a while Pres. Obama said he wouldn't interfere with medical pot in those states that allow it, but even he has backed off because the Republicans (very predictably) said it was because he uses it himself. Pot will eventually be legalized because people know it's harmless and they know we can make so much off the taxes. This is why gambling is being legalized all across the US. But I can't tell you when. Some people think this year's election marks the inevitable downfall of the GOP. I'd like to think so. If so, then the legalization of pot (and perhaps some other drugs) could be one good result. 8^)
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Sydnie Originally Answered: If you think marijuana should be illegal, would you vote to make alcohol and cigarettes illegal?
Ok first off it isn't naive to believe that marijuana is harmful (for many years, like 200 years+, people thought the same things about alcohol and cigarettes). Even though you can't overdose on Marijuana there are people who are at risk of harmful side effects (I am talking about less then .000001% of the entire human population world wide). However people believe that is OK to drive stoned, work with equipment stoned, ext. These people are idiots for the shear fact that it does slow your reaction time and concentration level, just like alcohol. Many big businesses want to keep it illegal because of how much money they will lose. Paper mills, gas companies (yes there are studies that believe they can build a car to run off hashish oil), Clothing manufacturers, Medical Companies, ext. They suck and are greedy (but are human). Also the USA makes a large amount of money nation wide keeping it illegal from fines, fees, ext. Another reason people want to keep it illegal is partly to do with old facts from the 20's to 70's and bogas claims from religions. I have studied and interviewed many religious and political idols for years (trying to work on a book about Marijuana through out the world's history). Most contradict (or interpret their own version) of what biblical/scientific writings say about marijuana (and other drugs). In my opinion- (You don't have to like my opinion or even agree with it but please respect the fact that I have a right to my own views and opinions). Everyone is allowed their own opinion but shouldn't force everyone else to follow them. If you believe that I am going to hell fine I understand that and if it happens it happens. I refuse to live my life in fear of something that may or may not happen. You can explain it to me and it may change my mind however please respect that it may not either and there is nothing more you can do to change my mind I feel the same way about all "drugs"(alcohol, cigarettes, coke, meth, heroin, ecstasy, finny- a new drug based out of South Africa that is similar to ecstasy however less chance of overdosing or bad reaction by combining minerals, herbs and chemicals instead of just straight chemicals, ext). I also feel that gay marriage, abortions (within 4 months, if later with a legitimate medical problem), bigamy/polygamy should be legal cause it is NO ONE's business but the parties involved. Before I get a lot of people saying that the fetus is an uninvolved party I shall say that to me (and this is a horrible way to phrase it but I can't figure out a better way) that i feel the fetus is a parasite until it can live outside the womb You can feel that morally things are wrong but shouldn't force your views on EVERYONE! Ok with that said child molestation, murder, beating someone, ext should stay illegal cause you are now involving an unwilling party(ies) Yes I do smoke Pot to this day. I have done many drugs (when I was a teen) but quit.
Sydnie Originally Answered: If you think marijuana should be illegal, would you vote to make alcohol and cigarettes illegal?
Society associates marijuana with 'hardcore drugs such as heroine and meth'. Their ideology is that, if marijuana became legal it would encourage more dangerous drug use. Now I completely agree with you. Alcohol, cigarettes, spice (drug), tobacco, etc. all cause cancer and all are far more harmful then marijuana. Marijuana however, if smoked, does cause some lung problems and it does have effects on the brain. But again, not nearly as harsh as the others. Another reason why it isn't legal is because,well, it would take away from all those industries. Like 'Mr. Brightside' says 'if your going to smoke you may as-well smoke marijuana'. Almost 15 states have legalized medical marijuana (much better then street). It's a start and I'm sure In time, marijuana well become legal. It may be sooner then you think. Economies are down all over the world. Legalizing this would defiantly pile in the money! ....Besides getting caught with marijuana isn't that bad. Depending on which state you live in, you usually just get fined or sent to some meaningless class.

Rebeccanne Rebeccanne
I can think of a few reasons. 1. people are scared their kids will do it 2. alcohol is more socially accepted, drugs have a negative connotation are are associated with crime in people's minds 3. people are ignorant. For example, drugs today are especially dangerous because of impurities. If they were legal that wouldn't be a problem, but people don't know that. Overall, I'd say #1 is the most important reason. EDIT: @lover299 that's not the case in Amsterdam, where drugs are legal. PS I don't do drugs (or drink)
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Merritt Merritt
It puts you in a "bad" state of mind and if it was legal everyone would do it and the whole world wouldn't work lol
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Merritt Originally Answered: Why is Marijuana still illegal?
One reason is that hemp is the most useful plant on earth. When hemp was made illegal so was marijuana. Corporations then had an opportunity to replace hemp with synthetic materials so they can make more money. I suggest you read The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer http://www.jackherer.com/chapters.html

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