Is it illegal to put foreign money into a vending machine in order to make money?

Is it illegal to put foreign money into a vending machine in order to make money? Topic: Best suitcase size
July 15, 2019 / By Sammy
Question: a jamican 25 cents is worth very little so is it illegal to put it in a vending machine and press the reject button to get back a normal UK 10p (which is the same size) in order to profit from it? Or to put it another way if i come back from jamica with 10 money bags of these coins in my suitcase are the airport people likely to stop me and ask questions? This does work by the way and i do have a job working as a software developer and i am hardly "trying to rip off the government." they don't put vending machines in buildings
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Best Answers: Is it illegal to put foreign money into a vending machine in order to make money?

Noelene Noelene | 2 days ago
Yes its illegal, I think it falls under fraud. Although I've done stuff like this and got away with it. Just do it at a place you never go to so you aren't recognizable and wipe your fingerprints off of them beforehand. I doubt they would actually check for fingerprints but its better safe then sorry.
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If it's a money order that he purchased at a bank or a store, he's correct--all he needs to do is to fill in the name of the person who it's going to. The place that sold him the money order put their own signature on the bottom of it. He would only need to sign a check that he wrote from his own personal checking account, and from your note it appears that he doesn't have such an account.

Lyrica Lyrica
It most certainly is illegal. In situations like this, even though the company is still receiving a coin in exchange for their 10p, the jamaican coin is worth considerably less than the UK coin. Even though the vending machine company can still exchange the jamaican cent into UK sterling if they want, you are still paying less than 10p to take their 10p. Therefore it is stealing. Therefore it is illegal. Just because it is a faceless corporation that you are stealing from, it doesn't water down the crime at all.
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Keila Keila
Depending where you live there may be limits to the amount of foreign currency you try to move from country to country. The vending machine thing is a criminal offence, I'm on the fence as to whether that would be a theft or a fraud (leaning towards fraud). The machines we have here will spit out the same coin you put in if you hit "eject", so I'm not sure it would even work.
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India India
Yes. It's fraud. If I was working customs, I would question you. And then you would be in really big trouble. How about your work for a living rather then trying to rip off the government.
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Elanor Elanor
I mosh the gadget for awhile hoping it is going to knock it out... Then after that i circulate and get my possie and we gang bang it... Then I sucker somebody else into paying for an identical merchandise and desire that 2 come out.... If I nonetheless dont get it, I call the headquarters or perhaps if quantity for money lost and that i ***** untill i'm getting my a refund.
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