How many of you YAHOO! ANSWERS users know that YAHOO doesn't care about us, they are just out to make money?

How many of you YAHOO! ANSWERS users know that YAHOO doesn't care about us, they are just out to make money? Topic: How to write a blog post and make money
July 20, 2019 / By Frances
Question: I found a question that a person had posted needing the information to complete a class writing project and some 'know-it-all' who actually didn't know what he was talking about posted a totally erroneous reply - when I tried to post the correct reply YAHOO deleted it because it didn't "Fit their guidelines." - the person asking the question didn't have her Email address on the website and her blog didn't have a way to accept my message so she had to have gotten a 'zero' from using that crazy information. I did know the answer because I have written a published book on the subject in question.
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Best Answers: How many of you YAHOO! ANSWERS users know that YAHOO doesn't care about us, they are just out to make money?

Dara Dara | 5 days ago
I know it stinks the way questions & answers are removed. But it is uaually someone else that answers the question gives them a better chance at BA. Sometimes it is just someone going through and flagging a lot of answers just for the fun of it. Yahoo needs a better system when something is flagged. It should not be deleted until they check the question & answer. When they get so many reports from one person they should know what this person is doing. My opinion!!!!
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Y staff do not moderate YA, WE do - we are all Community Moderators and this is the hundredth time explaining this thousands of violations pouring in every day - there are 200 million of us and only a handful of Y employees - just think about that for a minute... and try to figure out how fast Yahoo would have to close down YA due to it being overrun by spam and trolls, not to mention porn and extremely explicit and vulgar sexual content trusted members EARNED that trust and the ability to delete what they report by ACCURATELY reporting thousands of violations with almost none being overturned on appeal those who report poorly quickly lose their status at trusted members why do you think that a Q is immune from being reported once it has a BA? - there is no statute of limitations on violations - ones from eight years ago are reportable and should be reported as no one wants to do a search and find an old post with porn or racism in it! ==================== this is why we need to see the WHOLE post: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:vuuwL80ToL0J:https://au.answers.yahoo.com/question/index%3Fqid%3D20140520043732AA6jhry+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=ca "And also Who do you think the intended audience is? What are three things the writer does to reach that audience? What appears to be the writers purpose? And lastly do you think the writer achieves that purpose? Why? Best answer and ten points to whoever can all answer the questions I stated in this question :-)" this is clearly a solicitation for homework, given the formality of the long list of questions you asked under the main header - your one answer showing in the cache is a violation but that person knows you are soliciting homework then you defiantly posted it again but left out the list of questions, but turned it into a rant violation by lashing out at the douchebag who reported it well, guess what, that douchebag is no douchebag but a seasoned reporter who knew this was a violation and lo and behold, you lost your appeal 145 appeals on 145 violations or 145 appeals on this one? either way, that should tell you you need to figure out what you're doing in this site

Brady Brady
How does that help YAhoo! make money??? Im sure theres no income from this site becaquse we rarely see ads on it. So this clearly shows it is spending a lot on this site for our benefit. Just because there is one teeny weeny error or something we cant judge it. Can we???
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Albertine Albertine
In seeing all the tales from people on this site, one can draw the conclusion that Yahoo! really doesn't care all that much about anyone or anything here
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Trevor Trevor
..heh yeah that'll ensue. Thats the subject approximately unfastened will and want. Its no longer accessible by way of practise or money. You the two have it or you dont. human beings have have been given to choose to do extra effective until now they actaully will.
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Continue to report them and call 360's customer service and note the person's screen name and EMAIL a SUPERVISOR. Speak to customer service and tell them that you have tried numerous times to ask this person to leave you alone and tell them you want this harassment stopped.And what are they going to do to resolve this problem You pay good money to get online and have fun, not be harrassed by some jerk. Make sure you save these notes that they send to you too. I am sure if it gets so bad, you can report it to your local police and have a report written against them so if you decide to press charges, they will see you are serious.

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