What would you do if you're in my shoes?

What would you do if you're in my shoes? Topic: Best free computer program for writing a book
May 23, 2019 / By Sparrow
Question: I don't really have a laptop so I save all my data including personal ones in my external hard drive. Last week, something happened and all the data in my hard drive got corrupted including all my poems. I was kinda lazy at writing so I type my poems instead. I wouldn't mind losing all the poems except the ones that really mean a lot to me. I tried searching the ones in yahoo answers but one of the really good ones is gone...I can't find it. My questions are: 1. What would I do about the rest of the poems which are lost, corrupted with the whole data in my hard drive? 2. What kind of book do you write your poems in? Because I used to write in many books, when I write in this book then I found another book that I would like to write in, etc. I ended up switching books instead and wasting money. 3. What do I do now?
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Praise Praise | 8 days ago
You probably should have asked this in the computer section. Don't write anything new to the hard drive. This is important so you don't overwrite any traces of the files. Download a free program called Recuva (link in the sources) Run it on deep scan to have best chance of finding it. If it's a small hard drive it should run fairly quickly, there's two passes so a hard drive bigger than say 20gb or a slow hard drive might take up to a few hours and anything over 100GB might take all day/night. Once the results pop up, look for your files. Put check marks next to the files you want, or just select them all. Remember you need to retrieve the files to another hard drive/partition on the computer you are working with, otherwise you risk overwriting the traces of the files. You also need enough space available on the second drive to retrieve all the files you selected. Green means very good chance of recovery, red means you might get part of the file back, but you might end up with a corrupt file. For .txt files or .doc, you might get part of your poem back, but for things like video and audio, it could end up being a random mix of noise or two or three files retrieved as one single file with no coherence. Hope that helps. There are other paid software and companies who you can pay to retrieve the files, but free is best until you discover a file/files you can't retrieve yourself.
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Maurine Maurine
1 - i would tell u how to recover them but u cant go wrong on this one, cant take the risk, the most important thing is to not write anything new the the harddisk, and take the hard disk to a PC store for some professional care, that would solve it. 2 - i would get a +180 pages college ruled notebook and use it, but u should get a laptop pronto, there are some cheap laptops called netbooks, check them out, or u could post every poem on an online blog or something, like livejournal.com.... 3 - just chill and all should go well. ;)
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Laudine Laudine
What you do if the rest of your poems are lost is that you should retype them and be smarter about saving your poems on your hard drive. I write my poems in a note book and i love to type a few of my poems. what you do now is that you can try and find the filled you saved your poems on but if you can't find them then you will have to start them all over again
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Jetta Jetta
So.. To download Recuva for free you can click here http://bit.ly/1qdf6z1 If you've accidentally deleted some important files, don't freak out: try using Recuva and you'll be able to restore them!
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