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My character's age? Topic: How to write a good dialogue paper
July 20, 2019 / By Justine
Question: Okay, my main character in the novel that I am currently writing is set at age 17. The only problem I have with that is that I am not 17 (not yet, I'm much younger) and I guess I don't know precisely how one thinks, and since I am writing from a different gender's perspective, I feel even MORE off. Should I change the character's age to one closer to mine? I feel it would be easier to write in, but I have written so much of my story.... Do you think I should? There's also the fact that my main character needs to drive. I COULD put the driver into his brother's hands or even his best friends.... I think that could work, but I want your opinion. I want the character to be realistic, so maybe it would be a good thing. Ten points to the best answer! Thanks. And yes, I have posted this before.
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Gretchen Gretchen | 8 days ago
Write your character in the age you want him to be, and in the age he tells you he needs to be. It's amazing how a character can come to life and tell you those things. The issues you have with thinking like someone of that age group, which includes appropriate dialog and so forth, can be addressed during your editing process. At this point, write your story and enjoy it. Capture it on paper, worry about those details later. Someone reading it for you once it's done will tell you if the age-appropriate things ring true or not. And by the time the story is finished you might have a better idea, too! Good luck. P.S. Another thought: if your story is falling apart, if you are hitting a wall with writing it, then the age thing might be a reason. If that happens keep what you have written but go back to the point where it still worked for you, and rewrite a different version from that point forward, changing the things you think might be causing the problems. Hope that makes sense. Remember to trust your instinct.
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Di Di
Well I'm 16 and the book I'm writing right now is 16, but I'm writing it until she's 19. I wrote the very last chapter before I even started from the beginning. It all depends on what you feel more connected to. You have to have a relationship with your writing, and if you have one with everything you have so far I say stick with it. It doesn't matter how old you are, but the quality of you writing. If you feel that you'd be more comfortable with changing the age and that you'd build a better relationship with them if they were closer to your age then by all means change it. I wish you luck with your story and I know whatever you choose will be good. :) You are the writer after all.
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Candyce Candyce
okay well im a little younger than most of my characters, and i dont really find it much of a problem. Just read some books with older characters and that should really help. Some authors i would reccomend are sarah dessen, and others like her.
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Amelie Amelie
Does he have to be 17? Perhaps you can make him your age? You can try writing it in his age. However, if you feel like you can't at all, just make him your age.
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Walton Walton
if you feel goood about your book then keep your person how you think they should be like connect with your book in order to get the best outcome
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