Do you consider a majorly flawed character more attractive than a perfect character?

Do you consider a majorly flawed character more attractive than a perfect character? Topic: How to write a book about fairy tales
June 24, 2019 / By Adison
Question: Personally, I love thinking about my characters having flaws and quirks that make them more unique than if I gave them a perfect face and nice bods and debonair skills. Reading the first of a character in some book and seeing that he or she is described as beautiful with pale blue/golden/shimmering/purple eyes, skinny, perfect hair even tho it's morning -- that's just a turn off for me. Anywho I love to create flawed characters and write about the clashing of bad habits between two or more characters when they have to interact with one another. Where do you draw the line between whats acceptable and what's unattractive in a character? Is smoking considered a flaw? Is it okay if a character is colorblind or dyslexic? Also, I like to read about characters having a lisp, but I don't like stuttering characters :( Please, feel comfortable to express your thoughts on this. Have you ever encountered a badly flawed character that turned you on? k, you do this while I eat cereal and catch the last couple of minutes of CSI Miami. Bye and thanks! :)
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Temple Temple | 10 days ago
I don't find perfect characters as being very realistic. And depending on the context of the story, that may be really important to me. Like, if it's a fairy tale, or something that's just not realistic in the slightest, I don't mind having a perfect character. But otherwise, I find that perfect characters have no relate ability, and really annoy me. I have to agree with if the character is described as having perfect hair, or whatnot, I get angry. That's not how life is. And if that character wants to be taken seriously by me, it better grow some flaws. I don't like smoking in general. And yeah, some literary characters have slightly disgusted me because they smoked. But I'd still rather a smoking character than a perfect hair one.
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Philo Philo
It is much easier for a reader to relate to a flawed character, rather than a perfect one. The climax is more interesting when a character struggles and the victory more sweet. In regard to your questions: - Smoking is okay if it illustrates a point about the character or is in some way an important part of the plot. - Colourblindness and dyslexia are also acceptable, but again, I think that it would have to be a part of the plot. However: Giving a character flaws and not utilizing them is equally as irritating as creating a Mary Sue character.
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Macy Macy
Characters being human, which includes all kinds of flaws, is what life is all about. No one is perfect, unless the one that is attractive to a character is looking for that special something in someone that may stand out for them. If someone is beautiful on the outside, people expect EVEN MORE from them, and when it doesn't happen that way, they only become a disappointment.
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Jehoiakim Jehoiakim
I can't stand a perfect character. Its so annoying! The flawed ones bring the book to life, and they are easy to relate to.
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Gayelord Gayelord
i was considering making my character lisp, but that would get annoying to write anyways, perfect people suck balls
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