I need a last name for a character.?

I need a last name for a character.? Topic: Ideas for writing a story yahoo
July 17, 2019 / By Declan
Question: I'm writing a story and I need a last name for my character Minerva. The story is set in the 20s, and it's about an underground newspaper. Miss Minerva is one of the head editors for the paper (her colleague and future love interest Samson Spade is the formatter.) She has an eye for details and loves fixing other people's work since she gets to tear it apart. She's very snarky and has a bit of a mean streak, which is how she can hold her own amongst the big boys. I'm looking for a somewhat romantic-sounding last name with a hint of burlesque (for lack of a better word). The story will be somewhat inspired by Moulin Rouge as well as the traditional Victorian romances (Pride and Prejudice, anyone?), and I'm sure Irene Adler (of the Holmes stories) will have a little influence as well. Any ideas? So far, I've been toying with "Miss Minerva Heartwood", but I don't like it much. Thanks, imaginative and intelligent Yahoo! core! Thanks for all the ideas (and the compliment, Willy Nilly :D)! I see your point, Bren, about the syllables - I'll keep that in mind! I like a bunch of these names (I've logged them all), and I'll probably end up using one of them, so thanks much! (Of course, any other ideas are still welcome!)
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Bart Bart | 1 day ago
I thonk Heartwood is a great last name for Minerva ! Here are some other suggestions: Jameson Lovelace Alio (AL-ee-oh) Pearson Kelley Dragone (DRAG-own) King Prince Harring Hastings Estrana Halliday Haven Rossi Fey I recommend a surname that has 2 syllables or less, since Minerva is a pretty long name itself, a longer surname wouldn't really flow well. Good luck on your story !
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Paulette Paulette
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