Self esteem issues please help?

Self esteem issues please help? Topic: 30 year old case solved
July 18, 2019 / By Marje
Question: I'm 19 years old and my self water is getting real low because guys tell me cute but that I look older like 30, not saying that 30 is very old but I don't wanna look that way at 19 it's making me feel bad about myself and not wanting to talk to anyone could someone please give me some tips that will make me feel better
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Kristine Kristine | 10 days ago
I'm very glad you ask this question, or things could get serious. (Anorexia/self injury/etc...) I'm not very good at giving advice, but I know I'm not just gonna say things like "you're beautiful, it doesn't matter what people think and say", so here it goes: First, to solve this problem, YOU have to know what you don't like about yourself. In this case, you say you think you look old. Everyone looks old, it's apart of being natural. But that's what makeup is for. You can wear makeup and cover up aging, or you can be proud of your natural look. Second, if there is something about your wardrobe that you don't like (Maybe too girly or boyish?), feel free to change anything. Change is possible. If it makes you happy, then change whatever you want.
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Kristine Originally Answered: Does anyone have recomendations on books on self-esteem issues, guilt issues, trust issues, etc?
Do some Internet searches and save your money , theres thousands of websites with hints tips and advice and even things that test you by giving you exercises , Try to be more confident and find YOU ARE HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT YOURSELF! Loving and accepting ourselves is THE MOST CRITICAL FACTOR in experiencing joy,happiness, and success in life. When you really love yourself and you really love other people, you find that life is really an incredible journey where things flow, and no matter what happens you always find a way to enjoy yourself and you feel fulfilled. You MUST love yourself completely. This determines your STANDARDS for what you are willing to accept or settle for. It determines how well you treat your body and your health, how much money you feel you deserve to earn or feel you can make, your belief in whether you can achieve your goals, how much others RESPECT you and how they treat you, and even whether people like you and want to be around you. People love being around confident people. You see, confident people do not feel the need to judge you or tear you down in order to elevate their own self-worth. They radiate a positive energy. You feel safe around them. You need to consistently and confidently take action to move towards your goals, and towards your ultimate destiny. People who lack in confidence often get ‘stuck’. So you see, your entire DESTINY is shaped by your degree of confidence. True self-confidence comes from an absolute sense of certainty deep within, that you are able to handle anything life throws your way. Truly confident people exude calm, control, power, certainty. They care about people, and they make people feel good when they are around them.They never brag – after all, actions speak louder than words. People who brag are just masking their insecurities. People have varying degrees of confidence depending on what activity they are performing. For example, someone might be totally confident in performing a piano concert, or driving a car, but feel totally inadequate at a new job they’ve started, or at flirting with members of the opposite sex. People with Total Self-Confidence, though, have complete belief in themselves. They never ask themselves “Can I really do this? What if this doesn’t work out? Am I good enough to pull it off?” They know that if they really want something, and they are committed to getting it, it will happen. They know that it’s just a question of time until they’ve mastered the skills and knowledge to make whatever they want a reality
Kristine Originally Answered: Does anyone have recomendations on books on self-esteem issues, guilt issues, trust issues, etc?
i made a lot of mistakes in my life...and carried a lot of guilt and shame around for a long time...it made me so insecure...unsure of myself..finally one day i started to really look in the mirror...was I the person i really wanted to be..the person i was meant to be? the answer came as a sad no...so i prayed for help...I realised that God loved me despite my mistakes..i started to want to know more about him..his love even though i didnt deserve it... Now i am a new person...new eyes, new heart, new trust...i have never felt safer or more loved in my whole life...i have purpose i know where i need to go...that my life makes a difference and that everything will turn out for the good...even the pain has purpose in my life... check out this film if you want more info...its free.. www.jesusfilm.org

Jeanine Jeanine
You are beautiful no matter what people say. If you go on to believe that you look like your 30 then you will. But if you believe you look 19 then you will too. Forget what other people say about how old you look. You are very beautiful and do not forget that!! :)
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Farrah Farrah
MAKE OVER!!! Trust me, you could get a hair cut or style it differently that makes you look younger, cute bangs, high messy buns, hair bandanas and bows. Also get a new wardrobe, and make up too. (if you don't wear it). If you look good, you feel good which boosts your self confidence! also try youtube for style and stuff. People have some good tutorials!! Good Luck
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Sounds like a total nightmare! Every state has a housing authority where people can submit claims for evictions and the like. I suggest you contact them first. Everything points to illegal activity on your landlord's side as long as you have all the signed documents like the lease, etc. You will also need to apply for replacement birth certificates (at your place of birth) and new Social Security Cards at www.SSA.gov You may also want to contact the three credit bureaus for a possibility of identity theft which can occur when your former landlords have all your data. I'm so sorry this happened! It sounds more like a story line from Law & Order!

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