How has Yahoo! Answers impacted your life?

How has Yahoo! Answers impacted your life? Topic: Life writing and empathy
July 20, 2019 / By Eliot
Question: I have found a hidden talent I never knew I had. I am able to embrace and encourage this new talent within myself whenever I begin a session in Yahoo!Answers. I have a better opinion of my tolerance for others and the opinions that we all have. I am amazed at the amount of empathy within me that I never knew was there. I am astounded by the over abundance of all the different things that I know absolutely NOTHING ABOUT!! This makes me humble and open to new ideas and concepts, giving me a better outlook on the world around me every time I log onto this site. I am confident of my writing abilities and my delivery of a thought or idea to others in a manner that is easily understood and entertaining to read. I use this new self confidence in my every day life, and have found myself engaging with my peers alot more and seeking out more conversations with strangers without my old reservations. I am a good person who can be honest when asked my opinion, when I used to be a passive aggressive, yes man, who feared conflict ,and worse, feared criticism from others. Now, I engage in healthy conflict and resolution without all the insecurity I used to have. This site offers advise, validation, and even cold hard truth, when no one else in your life can. I enjoy the safety this site ensures when you are practicing the act of being blatantly honest to perfect strangers, allowing you to let down your guard and truly explore your inner thoughts and express them, out loud, and sharing those thoughts with other people, sometimes for the very first time. I could then discover how small I am, yet how valued my small little opinion can be. This gave me insight into my stability in my relationships intimately and superfluously . Whenever I am stumped as to what to do, or how to act,or what to say...i just log onto this site and release my inhibitions and air out confusing stresses. Thank you, for all of my new discoveries about me, about the people of this world, and about the power of knowledge That's my answer. ^ Could you give me a star too maybe?
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Chauncey Chauncey | 3 days ago
Sometimes In Our Life, Moments Come When We Wish To Ask Something. But Don't Have Suitable Words To Begin. So In A Way Yahoo Answer Worked As A Mentor Who Provided Me A Chance To Ask Question, Without The Fear That How To Begin, Or What If No One Tried To Understand What I Mean To Say. Cause Here At Yahoo Answers, Many Friends Visit And Among Many Some Can Understand What I Mean To Say ( Or Sometimes Thay Faced The Same Situation ) So Guide Us In A Proper Way Along With Their Experiences. Through Polls And Surveys, Get To Know About Friends Likes And Dislikes All Around The Globe. On The Other Side, I Am Lucky That I Meet Many Good Friends Through This Platform. But ..... Sometimes It Happen, That What We Think Is Suitable To Question / Ask, The Yahoo Team Consider It Inappropriate. But Over All ' Yahoo ! Answers ' Is A Good Service. Good Luck And Best Wishes For Your Projects And Future Yahoo Team.
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Alvred Alvred
I guess in a way, it's easier to ask some questions that you would be embarrased to ask your friends or family and gives you the satisfaction of being able to ask such questions without feeling that someone is judging you. Also, recently, i've been wanting some help choosing between an ipod and i've asked many questions regarding the features and prices, etc. and many ppl have helped answer my questions to make my decisions easier. I guess Yahoo!Answers has just made it easier for me to ask things that i've been wondering without hesitating. Great question!
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Thomasine Thomasine
Yes but in a good way, now i have more knowledge about how to answer questions, and how to talk to people nicer, so i think yahoo answers is a good idea for people who have a really hard time to socialize with people, by the way cool question
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Roseann Roseann
saved me from going insane during a divorce getting closer to final! and when my mom died I came here to answer questions and it kept my mind busy. also if I have life experience that can help others I will share and I gain other perspectives from this site. It keeps me current on life. Since I live in Missouri and I like to know what is going on outside my area I like hearing from others.
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Mya Mya
OMG.......you really put a lot of thought into this place haven't you? um...in response to your question i'm a better smart ***
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