Why do you not get a proper answer on Yahoo Answers?

Why do you not get a proper answer on Yahoo Answers? Topic: So much homework yahoo
July 20, 2019 / By Adalia
Question: Now I have grown up using the internet and with it Yahoo Answer and yet I don't know why! When ever I ask a question I never get a proper answer and literally there are question that went unanswered ! Why is that so? Why can't i get a proper answer to my question? What is my question lacking?
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Star Star | 7 days ago
Looking at your profile, you are asking questions people are just not going to answer. Life decision answers are for you, your parents, and your school councilors. Strangers here can not help you so we don't even try, except for those that give poor answers. There are several general reasons questions are not answered or get poor answers.. 1. Dear Abby type questions 2. Obvious violations 3. Really technical questions 4. Poorly written questions (all CAPS for example) 5. Using text and twitter speak instead of English 6. Asking about very archaic things that people have little interest in 7. Not enough detail 8. Wrong category 9. Medical questions - the answer is ALWAYS "see a doctor" 10. Too time consuming 11. Too much extraneous material 12. Homework
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Prue Prue
I always try and give a serious answer to any question that I attempt to answer and sometimes the askers vote my offering as best answer and thank me for it. But some questions are more difficult that others
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Mayra Mayra
YA does not guarantee correct answers,they have a disclaimer that says so.We the answerers are ordinary people just trying to help others,we are not experts though some profess to be.Any very difficult Qs I leave alone,any I am not sure of my facts I do research on before answering.There may be better areas you could post very technical Qs?
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Laurene Laurene
Perhaps it has something to do with asking highly technical questions that apply only to you and continuing to ask those same questions.
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Laurene Originally Answered: Have you ever solved a problem by following an answer you found on yahoo answers?
Opinionated questions often result in opinionated answers. Correct. What do people do with all the Yahoo opinions they collect? I dunno. What is the capital of France? Paris. Fact. Not opinion. What is the sum of 10+10? 20. Fact. Not opinion. I hate my boss! What should I do? I dunno. Burn his house down? I've been granted Best Answer with 5 stars & comments that stated, "Thank you so much for helping me!" I've also gotten BA, 1 star & comments saying, "I only picked you 'cuz other answers were worse!"

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