I want to go San Fransisco State University when I graduate and?

I want to go San Fransisco State University when I graduate and? Topic: uc college application essay
July 20, 2019 / By Lynna
Question: I heard all Cal states don't require an essay for application, is this true? btw, how well do you think I student would need to do in order to get in to SFSU? like what GPA average, community service, etc. *a student... I DO live in California, in Orange County. and I'll be applying for financial aid as well. We literally have almost nothing for a college fund, so yea. :| but hoping to get help in that department...
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Keeleigh Keeleigh | 7 days ago
SFSU does not require a personal essay, in fact none of the CSU's do.Its not hard get into SFSU, I think that minimum gpa they would accept is like maybe a 2.0, of course, this does not mean you should not strive and make decent grades. They also would consider your SAT's and GPA, and if you have completed all of your general requirements.The better the grades and test scores, the higher your chances are of getting in. I would also recommend a few extra curricular activites and youre good to go. The disadvantage is that, there is a large budget cut, and so this means larger number of applicants and large *** competition. The acceptance rate of most CSU's as well as UC's in have slimmed down. What I mean by "large *** competition" is that its a lot harder to choose the classes you want, there will certainly be a lot of waiting lists for a lot of students, including upcoming freshmen like you. (Though SFSU has this rule that freshmen actually have the first priority to choose the classes that they want, i have observed that a large number of them still have a hard time getting the classes that they want). Its also important to know that SFSU is REALLY strict about deadlines, and they WILL easily find ways to drop you from the school regardless if you had already paid tuition or done everything. So you will have to be on top of your game, checking your emails on a daily basis and making sure you do not skip important details or miss out on orientation day. It is a decent school overall, but with the recession, the budget cuts (thanks to the Governor) the reputation of most CSU's have not been so great, but it is what you make the most out of your college years. Keep in mind this problem is statewide. I hope this helped, Good luck with the college admissions!
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Ilean Ilean
CSU's do NOT require personal statements or essays. Unfortunately, due to budget cuts and the economy, acceptances even at SFSU or any other public university are low. Qualification for SFSU isn't that high and it's fairly easy. The minimum gpa is a 2.0, I believe. Make sure you have a decent amount of extracurricular activities (ex. clubs, sports, volunteer work, paid work, etc). Don't forget your SAT/ACT scores. Are you a CA resident? If not, your GPA has to be much higher and it'll be harder to get in. Good luck!
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