Anyone Else getting depressed from Yahoo Answers?

Anyone Else getting depressed from Yahoo Answers? Topic: So much homework yahoo
July 20, 2019 / By Kelleigh
Question: Ok, so, I'm addicted to Yahoo Answers. But lately, I've found myself becoming more frustrated and depressed by what I see on YA. Recently seen on Yahoo Answers: A woman who adopted 2 children, and now when parenting is really rough and she might have a child of her own, she wants to give the kids back. A dog owner who wants to know how she can avoid paying to get her dog's broken leg fixed... People asking for advice on how to break up relationships between other people... Children asking if it is wrong for them to feel suicidal and depressed because their lives are horrible with abuse and abandonment... I mean, holy cow. I started coming to this forum because it was fun...I enjoyed hanging out in the Weddings section because I'm planning my own wedding. But, I poked my head into the other areas, and it is depressing what sadness is in our world. I'm tempted to retire. This is only a website. It shouldn't bother me so much, I guess. Additional topics: Brides who kick out their best friends from their weddings because they are not giving the bride enough attention Posts full of "you are going to hell" hatred over different religious beliefs, or sexual preference issues. You know, when you post an answer, you should not post it and only pay attention to people who agree with you...but when you are replying to a question, why reply with utter hate and viciousness? There is so little tolerance and kindess in this world sometimes.
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Irmalinda Irmalinda | 3 days ago
You're so right when I first began this it was because I had questions regarding homework from my university or other scholarly information but no one would answer unless it was about death, social hatred, and sex. But yeah that is depressing and to read a lot of racist questions too.
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Elfleda Elfleda
I have to agree with you at times....yes some of the stuff is really depressing, but unfortunately it's not only on YA...it's reality....it's just all compiled into one website, ya know what I mean? But I'm mostly like you say you are- I stick to Weddings, cause that's what I'm doing too- planning my wedding...I scan other questions sometimes and only really read the ones that interest me in a positive way. Some of the suicide q's unfortunately tend to be hoaxes, I've come to find out, which is pretty sick- so I try to avoid those at all costs. Anyhow- keep focused on the real reasons that you come on here- and try to still have fun planning you wedding.
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Chevonne Chevonne
Yeah, I definitely have become somewhat addicted. There are all sorts of screwed up people and questions out there, so I just hope that the really bad ones are fake ones from people going for shock value. Something that bothers me is when I see people choosing a best answer that is totally wrong - either factually or just bad advice.
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Ashton Ashton
Yeah, people are sick, most of them probably just want attention, but I'm sure some of those were real. Another depressing aspect of YA, is the amount of totlly lame responses I get when asking questions about the arts.
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Zubin Zubin
i think it is perfectly alright to be so bothered... this is what our world is coming to today... i think we should just try to stay as happy as we can ourselves, but we can't ignore this mistreatment for long. someone is going to have to stand up and do something about it, and since it bothers you so much, maybe you could try. thats all i can say... what out world is becoming is not pretty and us that still have our sences need to bond together and try to make a difference in this world.
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