Do you regret joining the military?

Do you regret joining the military? Topic: Australian creative writing courses
July 15, 2019 / By Irving
Question: I'm 21 and currently doing a Business course at TAFE. When completed I'll be able to attend University. I really hate Business and will probably re enroll in either creative arts (writing) or Political Science once I get into Uni. I don't like to think of myself as stupid but I really dislike study. I'm thinking of instead joining the ADF (Australian Defense Force) and doing a trade instead. By the time my 6 years is over I'll be a fully qualifies tradesman and will have enough money to purchase a property out in the bush. It would also be a chance to serve the country I love. Do any of you regret your time in the military and wished you hadn't joined?
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Farley Farley | 1 day ago
I wish I would have had better circumstances in life to not join, but no I don't regret joining. It was alot better than anything else I could be doing. I've learned some valuable skills and don't have to worry about someone firing me because I breathed wrong.
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Farley Originally Answered: I need help joining the US military.?
incorrect.. you must have the Green card in hand FIRST before you are eligible to enlist. you may NOT be a Ranger until you are a CITIZEN. you must emigrate to the US legally ON YOUR OWN and earn a Green card with no help from the Military.

Crispin Crispin
Man, I've been out a long time. Course my time was in the US Army so I don't know how it might compare. I didn't necessarily join out of any love or anything. Just mostly for a job, some money, a chance to get away from home, and some college loan forgiveness. Sounds like you have a plan. I did, too. I joined with an idea in mind and never really considered reenlisting. Got out and I've done OK. Don't really regret it. Might've looked at the USAF instead of Army if I had it to do over again, though. Good luck in whatever you decide.
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Ashur Ashur
I don't think I regret, though sometimes I ask myself why and that is because some individual in the army are out to just make it look like a living hell. But when I think about my family sometimes especially the fact that a mother or father has to leave his/her child (ren) when duty calls, I feel so sad and feel like I abandon my family.
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Velma Velma
no but I was lucky I joined right after the war in vietnam and never had to do the terrible things that allot of people had to do we just party-ed our asses off I had a blast
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Velma Originally Answered: Joining the military?
I think joining the military is something you need to be SURE about. It is a very serious and long commitment. Give it some more time and do some more research.

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