Korean Character Question ( the ᄋ character?)?

Korean Character Question ( the ᄋ character?)? Topic: Accompanying letter of thanks
July 17, 2019 / By Kolour
Question: im learning the korean characters and i know that the character ᄋ means or sounds like "ng" but in the word 천만에요 you see the character several times, but when you spell out the word "Chonmaneyo" you dont see "ng" i know the "eo" character is in there though it not spelled with the extra e so my question, why does the "ng" show up so often even when there is no "ng"? i know you can combined letter to but im still confused :( thanks!
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Jayden Jayden | 6 days ago
For that character, there are two sounds. The "ng" sound, and also as a silent consonant used to combine with vowels. For example, "사랑" is read as "sarang." The ᄋcharacter contains the "ng" sound, but in "천만에요", the ᄋ character is silent. The prupose of it being there is to accompany the vowel, because the vowel cannot stand alone. So when you see ᄋwith a vowel, you just read it as the vowel. I hope this isn't confusing for you. I'm not too good at explaining.. Good luck with it!
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Evelia Evelia
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Coleen Coleen
the ᄋ character is pronounced "young- ja", "yee-uhng" or "gong" Its sound is most similiar to the English letter "A" or "E" its also used to make "ng" sounds like you said it is a consanant
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Belynda Belynda
that character when it is used before a vowel sound, it is silent, so u wouldnt pronounce that character
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