I am writing about Jenny character in Forrest Gump film. How should i develop this character?

I am writing about Jenny character in Forrest Gump film. How should i develop this character? Topic: How to write a report on a film
July 20, 2019 / By Nevin
Question: this is about Jenny: she partied alot, running away from her life, used drugs, searching for love, doomed, etc.
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Best Answers: I am writing about Jenny character in Forrest Gump film. How should i develop this character?

Kipp Kipp | 7 days ago
She was kind of like the saying, 'wherever you go, there you are.' She was always unhappy because she was trying to run away from things, but she was really running away from the feelings and emotions from her father's sexual abuse that she hadn't dealt with. In a way, she sort of sexually abused Forrest, because he was essentially mentally a child himself. She was searching for love but kept ending up a victim. She started dealing with things when she became a parent and felt the unconditional love of her beautiful son. Having a regular job and someone depending on HER for a change, instead of her depending on someone else, kept her more on track and away from drugs. This is just what I got from the film - you should probably also read the book if you need to do a report.
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Huntley Huntley
I also believe she was abused by her father. She was confused, and used drugs, but she was a compassionate person. Its been awhile since i saw the movie. Yeah run forest run! :D
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DGA Magazine did an interview with Zemeckis in the Feb/Mar 1995 issue; there is an excerpt in the third link but I can't track the full article down inline. Check that and the other two links for some discussion of "Gump" & Zemeckis as auteur.

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