How can I tell if my physical therapist is being too aggressive?

How can I tell if my physical therapist is being too aggressive? Topic: What does a research assistant make
July 15, 2019 / By Rees
Question: I have fibromyalgia and am getting physical therapy for a hip and knee injury for the 4th time over the past 8 years. One of the previous times I went to PT, I felt the physical therapist was pushing me to do an exercise that was too hard, and the muscle was in spasm and I kept getting weaker and weaker. I eventually wound up getting trigger point injections, which is similar to the dry needling that physical therapists are starting to do. I told my physical therapist that the 3 minutes on an elliptical at my first visit had flared up my knee so that climbing stairs was uncomfortable. I asked if I could have heat to warm up my muscles instead of doing an exercise warmup because exercise has a tendency. The PT said that exercise was superior to superficial heat that only warms the outside layers. If I wanted heat I could do that at home. Has there been some sort of dramatic revolution in how Physical Therapy is done? So far I've gotten at the first visit some home exercise instructions for doing abdominal core work which when I tried it at home felt like I pulled something. The second time I got a couple strengthening exercises that I'm only supposed to do three times a week, including the two times I'm at PT. I've been telling the PT and the exercise specialist assistant that my experience is that it is easy to overdo exercise and flare things up. The exercise specialist has said that he's already doing things much more gradually than he usually does. However, this Physical Therapy place advertises that they do modifications for Cross-Fit athletes to continue work. That is a pretty strenuous form of exercise Most of the previous times I've had PT, I've had heat to loosen things up and only did exercise warmups once I'd progressed a little while. Also, the first exercises I've usually gotten were gentle stretches, as opposed to strengthening moves. I only have 30 PT visits per year, and I've got an upper body injury that needs PT, so I don't want to continue going down the road with this PT that has a philosophy that isn't going to work for me. How long should I go trusting the PT's advice and seeing if I get results before trying to find a different therapist perhaps at a different facility? I've got multiple conditions going on that have varying recommended treatments. My knee has very little swelling, only when I overuse it. Like when they have me doing PT. I reinjured it 6 months ago but didn't have health insurance so couldnt get PT when it would have helped most. I have researched what exercises to do on the web - the problem is that those are mostly too aggressive also. Stuff available on the web tends to be aimed at young-ish athletes that don't have the time/money to see a doctor and weren't injured very seriously.
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Maximilian Maximilian | 4 days ago
I would suggest doing a little research on your condition and what exercises to do and such. If they are not what your PT's advice is, then it's time to switch clinics. If at any time you don't feel that the therapist doesn't know what they're talking about (ex. they don't explain how this exercise will help, don't give you feedback, etc.), it's time to switch. The goal is to return the knee/hip to its normal function, and it seems like your PT is trying too hard to get it back to normal too fast. I currently am going to PT for my knee and my therapist is always making sure that the swelling is kept to a minimum and that I don't do exercises that irritate it. As regards to applying heat to your knee, it may not be the most intelligent thing to do... heat is good for repairing and help things to heal. However, it really gets the blood flowing and this increases swelling. Maybe try putting heat on at home and see how your body reacts to it. If there is no swelling, I would say go for it! Good luck with everything :)
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To become a PTA (assistant) Go to a CAPTE accredited PTA program. Pass all of the classes and the three to four months of full time clinical internships. Graduate. Pass the national PTA exam. Get a job To become a PT. Get an undergrad in anything. Take the neccessary pre reqs. Get a 3.5 gpa or better, Perform shadow/volunteer hours at a PT clinic, take the GRE. Apply to a DPT program. Go for three years including approx 1 year of full time clinical internship, and complete a capstone project or dissertation. Graduate. Pass the national PT exam. Get a job.
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Joe Joe
I am a PT and I work with kids. However, I will tell you that PT has gone to evidence based. There is little evidence that superficial heat works. I suggest that if it works for you that you can do this at home with a moist heating pad. I also suggest that you look into a facility that has a therapeutic pool which I recommend. I would also contact your local physical therapy association (state) and or PT school and they should lead you to someone who is well versed in fibromyalgia. www.apta.org Good luck
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