What are the parallels between "family" and "church"?

What are the parallels between "family" and "church"? Topic: Hero case study
July 19, 2019 / By Kenzie
Question: I am asking how many of you are aware of and agree with the relationships between these two great institutions. In my opinion they are cut from the same cloth using the same pattern and both exist through the ordination of God. In the natural family, when a man proposes and she accepts, she takes his name and becomes part of him as his Mrs. He is obliged to love, provide for and support economically, emotionally and give spiritual guidance as may be appropriate as the head of their family. She is obligated to be his help by whatever means they may agree to as his Mrs. subjecting herself to his authority, respecting his judgement and believing in him as her hero. The parallels with the church are amazing. As a new convert to Christianity, we are baptised into His body, which is the Church, taking His Name and becoming part of him. Thus we become members of the family of God in Jesus Christ. Scripture refers to the Church as the "bride of Christ". In both cases the admonition is the same: All things to the edification of the newcomers. We take good care of our babies at home and as infants in Christ in Church. Other parallels are also glaringly evident. Enemies of traditional family values are always enemies of related Christian values and in our modern culture the assault on both is painfully clear. What other parallels can you folks contribute to this little study? My source is 74 years of life, 52 years with one wonderful woman and 47 years aspiring to Christianity. @ Choko- When an organization takes the power and authority to define.....? Well, yeah, God does that doesnt He?
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Hoshea Hoshea | 6 days ago
Well Christians are the bride of Chirst We are a part of the 'family' of God, the 'family' of all believers. We have unity we become one flesh as man shall be one with his wife we are 'one' with Christ. As the man is to be the spiritual father of the family Christ is the head of the Church and we are His body. We are to love one another as Chirst loved the church and gave himself up for the church to make us holy in the sight of God. Just as a marriage is sanctified so are Christians sanctified in Christ. There are more just can't think of them at present.
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Emery Emery
Your question reminds me of what the Priest was saying at Mass last Sunday and what I have heard my Catholic Church, particularly through Blessed Pope John-Paul II, say---that the family is the Domestic Church-------------indeed emphasizing also its influence and importance. Ideally, I do agree with a lot of what you say about what the husband should be in the family-----where you said, "give spiritual guidance as may be appropriate as the head of their family" kind of struck me, as I often find that women are often more spiritual (if not, the only practising Christians in the family---although I know that this is not always the case and thank God when it is not so). You asked, "What other parallels can you folks contribute to this little study?"----well, your question makes me think of the first Domestic Church that we were blessed to ever have------that of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Here is where true Christian love, values and example reigned.
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Cliff Cliff
The 'church' was created to inspire a sense of community, and was basically an early form of government. Since the world was much more 'tribal' back then, it was much closer to what we see as a family, particularly since tribes were often fairly closely related. But it also comes with a lot of 'out-group' thinking, a sense of 'we're different from the rest, and we should be afraid of them.' This is why I dislike churches, and I dislike strict Biblical teaching. I think the Bible has a lot to teach us about its own perspective on God and what God is, but I think it is terribly overburdened with tribal thinking that is attributed to God. Most Christians today are careful about what exactly they take from the Bible, and that is a good thing, but they still defend those things that they themselves ignore, which is a bad thing. The Bible and religion in general should be just as open to criticism and scrutiny as the rest of the intellectual world. Defending it blindly with accusations of disrespect only serves to make the religous look childish.
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Andy Andy
The parallels are 'amazing'? Really when you consider the fact that your narrow definition of marriage is based on church teachings, it's really not amazing at all that there are parallels between that version of marriage and church. When an organization takes unto itself the power and authority to define and formulate people's viewpoint and institutions, there's probably going to be a helluva lot of overlap. Wouldn't you agree?
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