What are my chances of getting into an Ivy League university?

What are my chances of getting into an Ivy League university? Topic: Top 10 best essays of all time
July 20, 2019 / By Faithe
Question: So on my SATs I got a 700-writing, 640-reading, and 730 math. I have about a 3.5/4 GPA(Un-weighted, 4.2 weighted). I'm in the top 10% of my class and I'm heavily involved in extracurricular activities and hold several leadership positions along with founding my own club. I'm also in the band and have made the all-state band sophomore and junior year (and should make it senior year) along with the all-new england band junior year. I received mid 600s on my SAT IIs and got a 4 on my AP test that I took this past year. THis is lot of information (maybe too much) but I wanted to be detailed.
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Conradine Conradine | 9 days ago
Your stats are pretty much average for those who get in. That means that you are qualified -- but that doesn't mean you will get into an Ivy League school. Lots of qualified students get turned down all the time. You need to do something to set yourself apart. Your entrance may be determined by the quality of your essays. Make sure that they are good. Make sure that you let them know that you are interested. Even if you don't get into an Ivy League school -- you will certainly get into a good school. Think about some of the other great private schools (e.g., Duke, Chicago, Northwesatern), some of the better liberal arts schools (Williams, Swarthmore, Haverford) and some of the better public universities (Berkeley, Michigan, Virginia, UNC) as alternatives. Good luck BTW -- contrary to popular belief, most students at Ivy League schools are not rich. Most get aid.
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Conradine Originally Answered: What are my chances of admission in an ivy league university?
suggest that you read over actual student reviews of many people who attended there and see what grades, test scores, and extracurriculars they had to get in successfully. You also will get lots of information about the school you will not get in a college guidebook. http://www.studentsreview.com

Bertha Bertha
Sadly, you have to make sure you have the money to pay for most of these places. These schools are kept nice by students who pony up the $200k in the four years you're there. Having the capital in some form whether your parents, trust fund, or a scholarship makes the difference in some instances.
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Affrikah Affrikah
What are you other advantages, disadvantages and capabilities, think outside the box. Harvard makes room for Farmers, Homeschoolers and other non-typical elements. This year Harvard REJECTED 1,100 applications with PERFECT SAT scores. So what makes you UNIQUE enough for a Havard, Yale or Princeton to consider you even without perfect SAT scores.
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Thorley Thorley
Try using collegedata.com It can tell you your chances of getting into a school. hope it helps and good luck!
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Quincy Quincy
why don't you apply and see? sounds like you have as good a chance as anyone!! Best of luck to you!!
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Quincy Originally Answered: Chances of getting into an Ivy League?
You've not stated anything about your GPA or SAT/ACT scores. Without those, I can only speculate. Perhaps you are top of your class and take honors/AP, but the quality of your high school also matters, as do recommendations. Also, it's not about the quantity of extracurriculars, but the quality. People who do 1 EC and are extremely immersed, are just as acceptable as kids who do 5 different ones. You will also need a good essay. Ivy Leagues will need you to have an unweighted gpa of 3.8+/4.0 on average. You'll also want to have an SAT of 2,200+ average and/or ACT of 33+ avg. Georgetown is not as strict re: the numbers.

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