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Homework on Yahoo Answers? Topic: Answers to homework math for kids
July 17, 2019 / By Abbye
Question: Well, I don't blame the kids for trying, but I just saw like three new questions about math homework. I'd try it too, but It'd take too long and I'd just do the work. What do you think about all of this?
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Stephanas Stephanas | 8 days ago
I never answer the question and give them the answer. I will tell them how to do it and maybe explain the formulas or steps on what to do to arrive at the answer. I always thought giving someone the answer in school took away from the satisfaction of getting the problem right on your own.
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Stephanas Originally Answered: Yahoo Answers needs to fix their spam bot! Why in the world do all my homework answers, be it in excel or accounting get blocked?
One guess is that the filter is seeing all the .com and .net entries and interpreting it as spam code or attempts at messing with the system. You could try making the entries more generic. Anytime you put code in an answer, it is a problem for Yahoo.

Paden Paden
i post math problems sometimes and i only do so after i have done the work. it doesn't always work out right and i don't have any idea why. the answers that i get help me a lot because i can see it in a different way and then see what i did wrong. math is really hard for some people and sometimes they just don't understand what the textbook is saying so they ask for help. give us the benefit of the doubt and if it is something that you totally get, then help us out with the answer! mia
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Leyton Leyton
It's alright as long as they dont just get someone to do it for them. I actually think that its a good idea if they dont understand something or want to check their answers.
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Jareb Jareb
I think there is nothing wrong with trying to solve the problem then posting your answers for someone to check. Asking for the answer outright is cheating & they should be wary of wrong answers being given..........
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