Memorable moments of 2008?

Memorable moments of 2008? Topic: Homework time magazine
June 26, 2019 / By Felisha
Question: Im on literary magazine staff at school and i want to do a page sort of summarizing 2008 by listing memorable moments, but im having a hard time thinking of anything. i want as many as possible, but at least 30. i already have Obama being elected and some more stuff, but all i could really think of was bad stuff such as wars and terrorist attacks and stuff. I want some more positive things. I also want to include a lot of different subjects like, politics, arts, sports, world, nature, etc. What are some things i should put? Thanks.
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Cristen Cristen | 6 days ago
do your own ******** homework. that's what you told me. When it is UNDER homework help, it isn't cheating. I was asking for a LINK... ********
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wow nice memory and childhood you have. For me, it'd be family gatherings every weekend when my grandma was still here. She told us to continue meeting up even when she was gone, but we didn't because the adults couldn't really get along well with one another. Another memory would be those crazy uncles and aunts and my parents actually allowed all of us(cousins-I'm the only female at that time!) to have a bath together. Arrrgh, yucks. I stayed in there for only a few minutes.
Cristen Originally Answered: What's the Most Memorable Moments you had with your Brothers and Sisters and Cousins When you were little?
I remember I used to have terrible disagreements with my closest cousin but we're cool now. Kids you know? and then I remember the family reunion at the Indiana lake. And I remember swimming with my little brother in the ocean.
Cristen Originally Answered: What's the Most Memorable Moments you had with your Brothers and Sisters and Cousins When you were little?
Putting on concerts with my cousin and sister for my parents and aunts and uncles. I always played the singer. My sister was always the back up dancer. My cousins were the band. Now we all have kids and watch them put on concerts for us...pretty sweet=)

Bettie Bettie
Pres. bush had shoes thrown at him at press conference...hilarious! Fuel prices busted economy and then got reasonable.
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The characters who possess a passion for something - anything at all, really, they don't even have to know what it is - tend to be the most memorable for me. Lyra Belaqcua flared up with little bursts of emotion throughout her adventures. She's one of my favorite characters. A line of hers that really stuck out for me was "I said I'd get 'em and I'll bloody get 'em." It sent goosebumps racing up my arms, as did her fierce admiration for Iorek and her bitter fury over Tony's - the boy in the shack's - loss of his daemon. I loved Lyra; she was a stubborn, daring, compassionate little thing who could realize the beauty, or the value of what was around her, and though she didn't always understand it, she usually appreciated it. Sherlock Holmes is a favorite of mine, as well. I remember staying up for hours reading those stories. What stands out in Sherlock for me isn't really his quirkiness, or his predilection for solitude, both of which are abundant in your typical private eye, but the fact that he's actually intelligent. Brilliant, more like. Doyle was able to both craft intricate, credible, dramatic mysteries, and have his detective solve them in a brilliant way. Sherlock had passion too, I might add - I remember his eyes shining in excitement and his breaking out into pacing about the room - but it was his intelligence I admired most. I suppose it's the capability to perceive and react that truly makes a character memorable. To interact with an environment at the deepest possible level, to have enormous pressures placed upon their shoulders, and to respond in a way either unique or complex or - understandable, I suppose, is what defines a character. Dorian Gray wasn't actually that memorable of a character for me, not nearly so much as Lord Henry. I imagine any beautiful youth would've acted in much the same way as Dorian, but how many older, experienced, supposedly wiser acquaintances would have lured a young man to his ruin? The portrayal of Satan in Paradise Lost is perhaps my favorite portrait of a character, ever. That Milton could show a fallen angel in all its complexity, that he could describe his once majestic, now shrouded figure, his seething pride, his utter loathing for his own evil, his despair at what he was doing and his urge to do it anyway, was just incredible. "...To do what else though damnd I should abhorre." Milton wrote about an infamous character, but he portrayed him in such a manner that he was memorable. P.S. - I like your name, haha..."Noire".
Bettie Originally Answered: What characters are the most memorable?
I would have to pick Sherlock Homes because he is such an incredible character. He can make up any disguise. His logic is amazing. He is like a superhero but only human. A while back I used to read The Wishbone Series and their role model of course was Sherlock Holmes( they were a very good series).I secretly wanted to be a detective. I also saw the movie which was amazing! Now I have begun to read these short stores about him. He really is something.

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